Winter Spice Superiore Tea fruit tea flavored tea from Franck’s new superior tea line is one of the best winter combinations available on Croatian market.

Winter Spice Superiore Tea fruit teaName: Winter Spice
Vendor: Franck (Croatia)
Type: flavored fruit tea
Ingredients: rose hip, hibiscus, liquorice, cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, clove flavor, cinnamon flavor
Verdict: 5/5
Price: 10-25 HRK per cup
Package: 25×5 gram tea bags
Why is it different: great package, big silk tea bags that leave enough space for leaves to spread, individually packed in plastic wrapper, perfect for keeping tea fresh, 5 grams of tea instead of the usual 1.5, beautiful intense scent and even better taste.

Winter Spice Superiore Tea fruit tea

Even though I drink at least 5-6 cups of real tea per day, once again I managed to get addicted to fruit tea. Perfect for winter time with delightful scent and flavor. Winter Spice Superiore Tea fruit tea is perfectly combined blend of flavors that I haven’t seen for a long time (or tasted). This tea has nothing to do with those standard artificial flavors. It’s so intense that every single cup will overwhelm all of your sensory buds and make you question is it worth drinking any other winter tea.

Clove is dominant in terms of scent, while sour hibiscus takes over in flavor in the beginning, only to be replaced by the sweet flavor of liquorice at the end of the tongue. Lemongrass is not noticeable (which might be a good information for those who do not like it), cinnamon can be tasted, but it doesn’t dominate this blend like in most of winter teas. After drinking up, empty cup will give you the impression that gingerbread man was personally taking a soak in it. However, caution is needed, as I don’t think this tea will be loved by all. So who will like it? Those who like mulled wine, sour flavors, very sweet flavors, gingerbread cookies, and cinnamon and clove addicts.

Beautifully designed winter fruit tea with a lot of personality, different scents and flavors. Winter Spice Superiore Tea fruit tea can be ordered in cafes across Croatia.