Wild Thai Green tea is a sort of a playful wild deviant capable of winning over hearts of tea addicts with its charming sweetness.

I had a huge urge to try this tea. Really. Thai teas do not really belong to a regular assortment in online tea shops, even though you can find them without a problem. What attracted me the most to New Mexico Tea Company, I admit, is the packaging. Every single tea has a different design, matching the name. They are all very pretty, and I admire how much effort is put into creating them.

Wild Thai Green - New Mexico Tea Company

Let’s go back to Wild Thai Green Tea

First of all, I love the scent of this tea so much. Warm, fresh, corn-like, deep, warm, nutty, and extremely sweet. Leaves are dark-olive-green, plump and very heavy, with a lot of stalks, some very very long. It’s quite messy, which makes me like it even more. I have a secret addiction to wild messy rebellious looking teas. It looks very much like Vietnamese green teas, which is not surprising at all. Price: 1 oz (28 grams) costs 4 USD. Available in 1,2,4,8&16 oz packages. This green tea is drum-roasted, and belongs to Assamica variety.

Name: Wild Thai Green
Tea Shop: New Mexico Tea Company (USA)
Type: Thai green tea

Wild Thai Green - New Mexico Tea Company

Let’s brew it

80 degrees Celsius, about 5 grams of tea, 150 ml water, 3, 4.5, 7 minutes. This tea does require longer steeping time. There is a dose of astringency in this tea, not the unpleasant one. It’s so full, deep, and leaves a very pleasant sweet taste. Color is dark yellow. Texture is smooth, thick at the bottom and airy on the surface. It’s very similar to Indian, Vietnamese and Yunnan green teas (more on the Vietnamese side, made from Assamica plant). It is quite consistent in all steepings, and makes a good brew if you pour them all in a one cup.

Wild Thai Green - New Mexico Tea Company

I really enjoy seeing those rubbery stalks, colorful wet leaves and quite fun mix of tea leaves. Stalks are extremely long (up to 3 cm), look as if someone tore the leaves off and left naked stalks. Leaves are mostly broken, but big (Assamica), and there are even some full stalks with two leaves and a bud. A really fun wild mix.

I had it before sleep

Which was not a good idea. I am so used to tea that 3 litres cannot do much for me. I need half a liter of Turkish coffee to wake up. But, I would say this is more of a perfect morning green tea, or for cold winter days. It’s not a light green tea for the evenings. It leaves a very very long sweet aftertaste. Those who like wild Vietnamese green teas will like this one as well. It would be quite an adventurous tea for those who prefer steamed Japanese teas or light pan-fired green teas. There is a dose of boldness, rawness and simplicity in them.

Wild Thai Green - New Mexico Tea Company