Feel like you need to buy some pretty Chinese teaware? Teaware.house is the online place to go.

For the last few years I have been trying to find some good teaware shop from China, that is specialized in teaware only, offers reasonable shipping and doesn’t have only the cheapest teaware from eBay or Aliexpress. And then I stumbled upon Teaware.house.

Teaware.house = Teaware.palace

I got a few cups and a gaiwan and small teapot, which soon became one of my favorites. I was so obsessed with the gaiwan that I took it with me to the beach. Yes, I got a lot of looks, but who cares. What is the most important (especially for me), that they are extremely kind and friendly. It the purpose of tea is to make life a little better, then tea shops should follow the same rule. This is why I like Teaware.house even more.