Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea from Australia is the proof that tea grown in other countries can contain all the best qualities of traditional teas and compete in a rigid  tea market where drinkers have a very strict requirements

About two years ago I got really interested in tea grown in countries that are not typically growing tea. So far, I was lucky enough to try some of them, and I am extremely lucky to get the opportunity to try teas from Australia. Well, this has nothing to do with luck, but with kindness and friendliness of Arakai Estate. I owe huge thanks to Mr. Brendon for giving me this opportunity.

Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea

This green tea is the first of four green teas that I’ve received (and four black teas). I chose this one to be the first as steamed teas are almost always my first option. I was more than intrigued by the fact that some people are giving so much passion and love into growing teas in their own countries.

Name: Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea (steamed, 2016/17)
Tea Producer: Arakai Estate (Australia)
Type: Australian green tea

Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea at Its Best

I won’t lie. When I saw these little leaves of Spring flush premium whole leaf green tea, I honestly didn’t expect THAT much. I knew it will be great, that was evident from the effort and passion of Arakai Estate. However, I never expected so much uniqueness and extraordinary combination of Taiwanese oolongs and Japanese greens. And this tea is, something very unique. Leaves are quite small, greyish green, thin in stripes with some white tips. Dry leaves smell quite ordinary, a bit smokey, deep, with sweet background. Until you place them in a heated teapot. And then the magic truly begins. Price is 10 AUD or 7,6 USD for 25 grams.

Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea

Brewing Full of Magic

Brewing: 2,5 grams, 120 ml, 85 degrees Celsius, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180 min

As I said, magic begins in a heated teapot. Spring flush premium whole leaf green tea surely deserves to be called premium. It’s amazing how scent changes immediately, to deep floral intriguing scent so much similar to the best Taiwanese oolongs. After the first steep, they feel like the best buttery oolong in the world, incredibly creamy and smooth, with nice pale golden yellow color. It has a buttery texture, it’s mild and very floral, scent is very intense. It only gets better with the second steep, and leaves a remarkable sweet aftertaste. This tea is very consistent, very complex and offers quite a lot of infusions for a green tea. It starts to fade after the fourth steep, but gives a great result even the fifth time.

Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea

Wet leaves are amazingly beautiful. It’s like a complete transformation from the dry form. Delicate, pretty, and colorful. I really love this tea. I would say it’s not that easy to brew, you really need to be careful, but it offers very much to those that have patience. Arakai’s Spring Flush Premium Whole Leaf Green Tea is a perfect tea for the most demanding green tea drinkers with love for Taiwanese oolongs.