Australian black tea full of life, sophistication, flavors and personality – Spring Flush Premium Black Tea from 2015-2016 could be considered an aged tea – and this is what makes it even better. A truly fantastic tea that could compete with the world’s best black teas.

I am still exploring teas from Australian Arakai Estate. First I fell in love with the spring flush steamed green tea that had a unique floral notes and very creamy texture, but now I am having second thoughts. Is this my new favorite Arakai Estate tea?

Australian black tea first flush 2015-2016 Arakai Estate

Name: Spring Flush Premium Black Tea 2015-2016
Tea Producer: Arakai Estate (Australia)
Type: Australian black tea

A Messy Perfection

Dry leaves make a beautiful black mess, both in color and shape – honestly, incomparably more beautiful than on any photo. Most of the leaves are long, thin and twisted, with some bigger broken parts and some bright brown bits and stalks. However, this mess is full of sophistication. Leaves have a very interesting smokey & salty scent and airy freshness underneath. Price is AU$8 for 25 grams, but I am not sure if this one is still available, as I received a sample directly from Arakai Estate (thank you one more time). The one from year after is amazing as well, and I will write about it in a few days as well. A tea that wins the award for the best Australian tea is bound to be amazing.

Australian black tea first flush 2015-2016 Arakai Estate

The Taste of an Australian Black Tea

Brewing: 4 grams, 150 ml, 95 degrees Celsius 60, 90, 300 sec

Leaves have a very unique scent in a heated teapot – unlike any other black tea I have tried so far. The closest one could be the aged Takarabako black from 2015, but not even that would be a good enough comparison. This tea has a light citric fermented scent as well, but the first thought was a sea under the hot summer sun. There are chocolate notes, salt notes, green soul and an Assam layer. First infusion has a mellow honey and chocolate notes, with very intense orange color. You can see the thick color literally pouring out from the teapot.

Second steep give even a more intense chocolate note, and is more mellow and airy, without any bitterness at all. It was a hint of spiciness in the background. It leaves a light sweetness as well. Third one is very similar, but more light and with some spiciness that tingles the tongue.

Australian black tea first flush 2015-2016 Arakai Estate

There is an incredible amount of freshness in all of them. I would describe it as a watermelon freshness. You can get even a fourth and fifth infusion, as this Australian black tea will still give a very refreshing airy feeling even when the leaves are used a couple of times. It can definitely give a bit more than regular black tea (but, what is regular?). These leaves would be perfect for those that want to drink black tea, but are reluctant because of bad previous experiences with the mass-market black tea in tea bags. This tea is light, sophisticated, refreshing and energizing at the same time. It could easily compete with the world’s best black teas. Arakai Estate has a wonderful tea future waiting ahead.

Australian black tea first flush 2015-2016 Arakai Estate