Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea is one of the biggest rooibos surprises I have ever tried. Chilli really means chilli in this tea.


Name: Spicy Chilly / Chilli Cherry
Tea Vendor: Confet-tea (United Kingdom)
Type: flavored rooibos tea

If I had to choose my favorite rooibos tea, this would be my choice. I don’t recall when was the last time I wanted to make 10 years tea stash of some flavored tea. There was even a moment of panic, what if they stop selling it? Keep in mind, this review is not sponsored, nor is any other review on this site. I ran across Confet-tea by a pure accident, and was attracted by their assortment because of the intriguing names and they are different from most of other flavored tea shops. Next, the prices are more than affordable.

Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea

Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea addiction

Why of all teas I like this one so much? First, there is cherry. An amazing cherry scent that is covering the spicy devil hiding in the background, fills the air immediately upon opening the bag. It brings out some nice memories from my childhood, when we didn’t have many sweets around, but we did have a hard cherry candies called “Slatka tajna” (Sweet secret). Then, this mix is visually very beautiful. Little yellow rose buds and big pink rose petals with whole chilli pods, safflower and carrot flakes all mixed with pure rooibos tea. 70 grams costs 5.40 GBP.

Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea


Rooibos is super easy to brew. I’m usually not a big fan of rooibos tea, most of them lack a spark. This one is an exception. 8 minutes, two teaspoons of tea, 200 ml of freshly boiled water. What is truly amazing is that offers multiple steeps. Even after the first steep leaves have a wonderful warm scent, creamy with rose and rooibos scent nicely blended in. Color is delightful, intense red. Scent of the tea is absolutely matching the scent of dried leaves – cherry hiding the spicy devil in the background. I love chilli, I put Trinidad Scorpion in my food, sometimes even a dried Carolina Reaper. Scotch Bonnet is like a candy for me. This tea has just enough spiciness for the courageous ones, and not too much to ruin it.

Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea

Spicy Chilli flavored rooibos tea is the spiciest of all teas I have ever tried. In a good way. It might be too much for those who cannot handle a bit of heat, but it won’t disappoint any chilli lover. Of course, chilli in this tea cannot be compared to all those devilish peppers, but it is strong enough to make you happy and not to cover all other flavors. Cherry flavor is very week, but combined with rose buds and petals blends amazingly well to serve as a prelude to chilli.