Southern Malt Ceylon black tea comes from low altitude Sri Lankan southern tea fields with very pretty leaves and ripe peach and honey aroma.

Name: Southern Malt Ceylon Black Tea
Tea Vendor: teakruthi (Sri Lanka)
Type: Ceylon black tea

Southern Malt Ceylon Black Tea – Miss Pretty Leaves

Southern Malt is super pretty. I think it’s very difficult to see that on photos, and maybe the following comparison will be a bit inappropriate, but they really do look like small pretty live worms, uniform in size and color. Pretty, attractive worms, not those big fat white creatures. Something like Gizmo and other Gremlins. Ok, I have probably crossed the line now, but I hope you might get the point. They are smokey black with a bit of a reddish hue.

Southern Malt Ceylon black tea is a hand-picked tea from southern part of Sri Lanka. Dry leaves smell like ripe peaches and honey, very sweet and very deep. 80 grams costs 13,95 USD.

Southern Malt Ceylon Black Tea

Fruity delight

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml, 85 degrees Celsius, 3,4,5 minutes

I really like the scent of wet leaves after the first steeping – warm, full and mature. Liquor feels like ripe peaches covered with caramel and sprinkled with almonds. Southern Malt has a very full and deep caramel scent. It leaves a smooth, and velvety, rounded feeling, but playful at the same time. Malty creme brulee. It has only a slightly dry end with tiny bit of astringency that suits this tea very well. After the first steeping it gets deeper and malty, but if you leave the leaves for a minute or two, they will get a very intense raw honey scent.

Color is very nice, vivid, shiny. Almost like sun shining from a cup. It goes from bright yellow to dark peachy brown. Suggested way of brewing will result in one great and two good infusions, much lighter, airy, less sweet, but pleasant. Still fruity, but more ordinary and everyday like.

Southern Malt Ceylon Black Tea

Southern Malt Ceylon black tea is a good daily black tea with pretty leaves I have the impression this tea would make an amazing pure iced-tea. It has incredible fruity aroma that becomes even more evident when cooled down. All in all, it’s very interesting and quite different in shape from most of the black teas.