When you get a gao shan tea from Taiwan, and it actually do comes from Tea from Taiwan, it is bound to be an amazing tea. Shan Ling Xi oolong tea is one more gem from one of my favorite Taiwanese tea shops.

Name: Shan Ling Xi (杉林溪頂級烏龍茶)
Tea Vendor: Tea from Taiwan (Taiwan)
Type: Taiwanese oolong tea

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Shan Ling Xi oolong teaI was going through my samples and found a few teas from one of my favorite Taiwanese tea shops. A few years ago I realized it’s almost impossible to make a wrong decision when ordering tea from Taiwan. And especially from Tea from Taiwan. Quality is never in question and teas are always fresh and amazing.

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea from High Mountain

Shan Ling Xi (Shan Lin Xi) is a Taiwanese high mountain (gao shan) tea from Nantou. This tea grows at an altitude of 1900 meters from Cui Yu cultivar. Dry leaves are rolled in balls and are dark yellowish green with a lot of stalks and medium in size. They have an amazing scent, beautiful, sweet and fresh with a hint of flowers and very deep emerging green note. 75 grams costs 25 USD (available in 7 grams sample packaging as well).

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea

Brewing Delight

Brewing: 7 grams, 160 ml, 40 seconds +, 95 degrees Celsius

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea has a truly remarkable scent. There is sugar cane on the surface, magnolia in between and green freshness in the background. The first steep brings out intense buttery flavor mixed with fresh, flowery and sweet note. It gets much more refined and smooth with subsequent steeping. Sent and flavor are very consistent and last up to 7 infusions. Color is light golden green. This tea is a bit stronger than some other gao shan teas, and might need a bit of understanding and patience not to over-brew it. Shan Ling Xi oolong tea would definitely be a good choice during a meal. It has a tiny note of astringency that turns into a sweet aftertaste that lasts for a few moments, but not too long to interfere with your meal.

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea

Shan Ling Xi oolong tea



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