Sejak Tendresse is a South Korean second harvest hand-made green tea with gentle intentions and deep toasty and sincere soul.

Recently I received a few Korean teas from a newly opened tea shop Tea Repertoire London. My happiness was great, as I have the impression Korean teas are more rare in Europe than unicorns.

Sejak Tendresse

Name: Sejak Tendresse
Tea Vendor: Tea Repertoire London
Type: Korean green tea

Sejak Tendresse for the First Time

Sejak Tendresse is the hand-picked, hand-made tea from wild bushes grown in Jiri Mountain, Hadong, South Korea. It is a second harvest tea. Tea Repertoire London already made a very detailed description of this tea, so I will keep it short. Leaves are small and curly, dark grey-olive green with a very toasty, nutty, sweet corn scent, quite warming. There is a hidden green vegetal freshness underneath, giving this tea a feeling of layering scents. It resembles Chinese roasted green teas like long jing, but in a much more intense way, with much more depth and fullness and deep green vegetal freshness. Personally, I think it’s much closer to Japanese kamairicha, than to Chinese tea. Price is 23.75 GBP for 50 grams or around 32,85 USD.

Sejak Tendresse

The First Steep Will Tell

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml of water, 80 degrees Celsius, 1 min +

And it surely did. Leaves have a very beautiful scent after the first steep. There is a lot of freshness, fresh green grass mixed with cooked green vegetables, and maybe a traces of floral sweetness. Color is bright, lemony green and clear. Flavour is very delicate and light, but with a lot of depth. It’s a bit toasty, a bit green, and it even has a bit of umami. It does start fading after, but it holds great for the next two infusions. What I like about the second and even third is a very sweet aftertaste. There is no bitterness in this tea, but the sweetness it leaves is similar to those of mildly to highly bitter teas. Quite interesting and nice. As the tea weakens, the aftertaste gets stronger.

Sejak Tendresse

This tea is a great tea for drinking in solitude and slowly enjoying each and every sip. It’s delicate, calming and kind of purifying.

Sejak Tendresse

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Sejak Tendresse




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