The only online available Roasted Tencha Hojicha tea is worth trying if you love hojicha teas and want to know and try everything connected to matcha.

Name: Roasted Tencha Hojicha Tea, 碾茶炒りほうじ茶
Tea Producer: Azuma Tea Garden
Vendor: Yunomi (Japan)
Type: Japanese green tea

Roasted Tencha Hojicha Tea

Even though these days tencha is more available than in the past years, there still aren’t many people that have tried this tea. Tencha green tea is actually the name of tea created during matcha production. The main purpose of tencha is not drinking, but creating matcha. Usually, the freshest matcha on the market will be made from grounding tencha leaves right before selling. This Roasted Tencha Hojicha tea is an unrefined tea (aracha), with some bigger leaves and stalks.

Roasted Tencha Hojicha Tea

Why is this Roasted Tencha Hojicha tea special?

First of all, tencha itself is very difficult to find in online shops. Leaves of this tea have been shaded, which is quite unusual for an ordinary hojicha. Recently I wrote about Echigo Boucha. If I am to compare those two scents, roasted tencha hojicha has a more mature, deep, a bit smokey and full scent. There is raw honey in the background, and more fruitiness mixed in grainy roasted scent. Roasted barley, hazelnut shell.

Roasted Tencha Hojicha Tea

Leaves are brown and greenish, with few stems. I do find it fascinating in how many categories you can one Japanese tea belong. Tencha leaves have the shape of small little flakes. As this is the unrefined version, there are also some bigger leaves and stalks. 50 grams costs 5 USD.

Drinking unaccomplished matcha

Roasted Tencha Hojicha TeaBrewing: 5 grams, 150 ml of water, 90 degrees Celsius, 90 sec, 180 sec

They have a warm nutty scent in a heated teapot. Like warm autumn early sun, velvety and smooth. This scent changes quite a bit after the first steep, into charcoal roasted deep sharp and clean scent. Tea has the similar flavor, but with added sweetness and depth. This is a perfect tea to accompany eating sweets, desserts and chocolate because it can balance then clean sweet taste very well. I got two good infusions.

Used leaves are very different from the regular hojicha. Dark green with that used aged oolong tea touch. They are quite big as well. All in all, Roasted Tencha Hojicha tea is a good choice for all hojicha lovers that are looking for an affordable tea with a twist.

Roasted Tencha Hojicha Tea