Pumpkin Cream is a very enjoyable sweet delight with intense scent and delicate sweet flavor from. This flavored rooibos tea comes from Confet-Tea.

I really like the last rooibos tea I tried from Confet-Tea, and I was looking forward to trying this one. Most of flavored rooibos teas I’ve tried so far weren’t well-balanced, and there was always something missing or something too much. If you don’t like flavored teas, you won’t like this one. But if you do find joy in finely flavored teas, Confet-Tea is the shop to visit. All of them were very fresh, very well flavored and balanced and unique.

  Pumpkin Cream

I’m not sure if I would ever drink rooibos on its own. It just doesn’t do anything for me. I think the problem lies in the fact I never actually had a chance to try pure, fresh and high quality rooibos, and I really hope I can change that in the future. My focus is on real teas, but I like to write about herbal and fruit teas that also make me happy. Isn’t that a purpose of all teas in the end? Pumpkin Cream did just that.

Name: Pumpkin Cream
Tea Vendor: Confet-Tea (UK)
Type: flavored rooibos tea

Taking a Look at the Ingredients

Pumpkin Cream has a very intense scent of marzipan and vanilla ice-cream infused with amaretto. This is also a visually pretty blend, with red rooibos tea, pieces of honeydew melon, apples, freeze-dried pumpkin, sunflower blossoms and stinging nettle leaves for a dash of greenery in a truly autumnal mix. I like it very much. Price is 3.15 GBP for 30 grams, around 4.21 USD.

Pumpkin Cream

Pumpkin Cream Tea Soup

Brewing: 1 teaspoon, 150ml water, 98 degrees, 7 minutes.

Flavor is super sweet creamy like vanilla ice-cream starting to melt down, but without the intensity of scent. Nothing is overwhelming, just perfectly balanced, sweet and soothing. Color is pretty too – deep intense orange. I like this tea a lot. It’s sweet, full, delicate and very enjoyable. This would make a wonderful rooibos latte. It’s not for those that don’t like too much flavoring or sweet teas. Rooibos is just a base, a good base, but Pumpkin Cream is all about flavors and scents. This would be a lovely bed-time tea in autumn (no caffeine).

Pumpkin Cream

Good for two infusions.