If you are looking for a flavored black tea perfect for Christmas and creating a unique homey feeling, look no further. Orange Cookies black tea is the winner in Christmas tea category.

How wrong I was…

Sometimes I feel ashamed how much resemblance I felt towards flavored teas. That changed some two-three years ago when I finally decided to give a chance to flavored teas bought outside  my country. How wrong I was all these years. Most of the flavored teas I tried in the recent years are amazing, perfectly blended and full of flavor and happiness.

Orange Cookies Black Tea

Confet-Tea is one of those tea shops that you should put on your list if you like flavored teas. They do offer pure tea as well. I will write about some pure teas soon as well. So far, I was amazed by each and every Confet-Tea tea. And this is coming out from someone who used to despise flavored teas.

Name: Orange Cookies Black Tea
Tea Vendor: Confet-Tea (UK)
Type: flavored black tea

Christmas tea miracle called Orange Cookies black tea

Orange Cookies black tea is the most perfect Christmas tea I have ever tried. (Yes, I know it’s still summer) Orange Cookies blend of tea and fruits looks very inviting. 53% are dried fruits and spices and the rest is black tea. Apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, coriander, flavouring, whole cardamon, extra big orange slices, pink peppercorns and cloves guarantee the ultimate festive feeling. 45 grams of tea costs 3.5 GBP. Scent is all about oranges and spices, mixed with black tea in the background.

Orange Cookies Black Tea

In the warmed teapot the scent is even more amazing. Caramel, biscuit, orange and cloves are dominant. If you ever had a chance to make a home-made black tea with fresh orange juice, you might get the idea. This tea is amazing. Color is beautiful vivid orange-red, full but not murky. I followed the instructions, 1 tea spoon of tea, 150ml boiling water, 5 minutes for the first steeping and 6 for the second.

Orange Cookies Black Tea

Wet leaves have an amazing hot orange punch scent, intense and very inviting. Orange Cookies black tea has full, layered taste, without any bitterness and a bit drying in the end. Cardamon and pepper give a light tingling feeling, and orange is, again, in the focus, rounded with a full creamy feeling. The second steeping is amazing as well, a bit lighter, but still strong and flavorful enough.

Orange Cookies Black Tea

This tea is extremely aromatic, fresh and very beautifully balanced. Scent, appearance, taste and color are very coherent. A great choice for all orange lovers and those that want a tea with a soul. A tea that can give you a warm, cozy, homey feeling.