Old Love is the name of the deep crimson mix of berries and hibiscus for a sourly sweet experience found in the assortment of Confet-Tea.

I don’t drink many fruit infusions, especially when there are so many wonderful unique pure teas out there. But, I do enjoy an occasional cup of fruit tea in the evening, and try to stay awake from fruit dust. I admit, I was intrigued by the name of this tea. All teas from Confet-Tea have a very personalized names, and they really match the personality of teas well.

Name: Old Love
Tea Vendor: Confet-Tea (UK)
Type: fruit tea

Taking a Look at Old Love

Old LoveOld Love is a mix of deep crimson berries, hibiscus blossoms and rose hip peel. It includes elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberry leaves. What I really like about loose leaf fruit tea is whole pieces of fruit and not only the regular dust. It smells wonderful, sweet and full, with a sourly background. I like fruit teas with hibiscus, gives a very nice sour flavor. Price is 3.95 GBP for 60 grams (around 5 USD).

Washing out old memories

Brewing: 1 spoon, 150 ml, 98 degrees Celsius, 5 min.

OK, there is no point in writing a brewing guide for fruit tea. Or is there? The most important thing to mention is that most of loose leaf fruit teas can be re-steeped. This one gives two great infusions. I have to admit, the name was well chosen. Once the Old Love is brewed, the sweetness is gone, and there is a very sour feeling left. How appropriate. Scent, flavor and color are all very very rich and full – what I really like. Feels like you are pouring color into a cup. This tea is a great choice for all those that like to add lemon in their tea. Old Love is sour enough. It goes great with a bit of honey, it nicely balances out the flavor. This would be an amazing iced-tea as well.