Okayti Silver Needle has a very unique character and flavor, unlike any other white tea, almost as it the world-famous Earl Grey profile has been naturally embodied in the fluffy white buds – without any additional flavoring.

Last few weeks have certainly been filled with silver needle teas. Because of some good silver needle teas I’ve tried recently, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate them more than ever. Okayti Silver Needle is one more that I really like – with quite unique flavor.

Okayti Silver Needle

Name: Okayti Silver Needle Darjeeling Second Flush Organic White Tea
Tea Vendor: Vahdam Teas (India)
Type: Indian White Tea

Okayti Silver Needle close-up

Okayti Silver Needle comes from Darjeeling, India. This is a second flush organic tea handpicked at Okyati Tea Estate. Leaves (buds) are quite small, mostly fluffy white with some leaves. Scent is citric, spicy and sweet, with some smokiness going on in the background. 100 grams of Okayti Silver Needle costs 38 USD.

Okayti Silver Needle

Making a cup

Brewing: 3 grams, 150ml, 80 degrees Celsius, 5 min

I find Okayti Silver Needle tea very interesting and unlike other white teas. (I know, I’ve said this for many white teas recently, but all of them very very different and all very good if not great). It has both scent and flavor of spiced boiled green vegetables veiled in light Earl Grey bergamot touch. Both wet leaves and liquor have that scent and flavor. Color is very pale ocher. Flavor has a spicy finish. Tea is medium to full. There is a feeling of some bitterness might come out, but it doesn’t show up in the end. Second infusion is a bit lighter, without any bitterness at all, with the same flavor and scent profile and one new – light flowery note. I got one more infusion from the same leaves.

Okayti Silver Needle

After the third infusion leaves have a scent of spiced honey. Okyati Silver Needle is a wonderful light and delicate tea with unique natural Earl Grey flavor and scent. It doesn’t have those hay mouldy notes, which I really appreciate. This is a wonderful everyday tea, unobtrusive, yet very complicated and unique. Black Darjeeling teas are called Champagne among teas, and this white tea is also a proof Darjeeling teas are very unique and complex, no matter how they are being processed.