Moon Bunny is completely different from any other white tea on this planet. With incredible leaves that will make you want to pet them and delicate flavor full of soul, Moon Bunny deserves its name and a place in the hearts of tea drinkers.

Moon BunnyRecently I’ve been trying a lot of different tea that have a word „moon“ in their name. I like them all. Moon Bunny comes from Vietnam. This exquisite tea is sold by exquisite tea shop – Teabento. I have to admit, I just recently found out about Teabento and this shop is exactly what world needs – indescribable kindness, amazing fresh and unique selection, huge knowledge, creative concept and extreme eye to detail and passion for tea. I will write about them more, they became one of my favorite tea shops ever in just one single day. Let’s talk about tea a big more.

Name: Moon Bunny
Tea Vendor: Teabento (Germany)
Type: Vietnamese white tea

Strong personality for extraterrestrial adventures

This tea really feels like it’s out of this world. Moon Bunny has the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen. They are plump, heavy, extremely silky and silvery white to silvery pale green. Did the name guide me into thinking they really do feel like a bunny’s fur? However, I really want to pet the leaves, they are extremely velvety. Many many years ago when I heard of Silver Needle tea, this is what I imagined it looks like. Instead, my first encounters were quite bad. I feel very lucky that recently I was drinking only the best possible tea from worldwide shops. Let’s go back to our Bunny.

Moon Bunny

Scent is incredible, toffee, creamy, just a bit smokey and fresh green melon like. If you ever tried wild Vietnamese green tea from the same region, Yen Bai, then you might get the right impression. This tea shares the same character. 50 grams costs 13.90 EUR or around 16.50 USD.

Moon Bunny

Moon Bunny landing in my cup

Brewing: 4 grams, 150ml, 85 degrees Celsius, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 2 and 5 minutes.

When Moon Bunny lands in a cup, you get a very delicate, pale, and gentle liquor. It almost seems colorless. Moon Bunny has a very refined flavor, delicate, but strong and full, complex, but not overwhelming. This tea is very fresh, easy to drink. It has a bit of smokiness, delicate grassy and melon scent and nice sweetness. I didn’t notice straw note, which I appreciate a lot. Wet leaves are extremely beautiful, full, pale green and full. Almost none are broken.

Moon Bunny

Moon Bunny is wild, but gentle, has its own soul and spirit, and recognizable Vietnamese wild green tea character. It’s one of the best white teas I have ever tried. I could drink the Bunny forever and ever.

If you wish to try Teabento teas, you can use the special discount code for Tea Chronicles’ readers. Type in „cajne“ during your tea check-out for a 10% off. Don’t know which one to choose? Take a look at sample teabento box – it includes eight TEAriffic teas, including the Moon Bunny!