Merry Christmas tea is a flavoured black tea blend with rowan berries and red pepper, and intense berry flavour for a festive tea party.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and had many good cups of tea and happy time with your families. Is there a better way to celebrate with your loved ones than drinking tea together? Merry Christmas tea is the last tea in the Christmas series from Brewing Leaf. Quite expected, this tea is intense, full of flavour and much stronger than the rest of the Christmas teas I have reviewed so far.

Merry Christmas tea

Name: Merry Christmas tea
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured black tea

Merry Christmas with Tea Leaves

Merry Christmas tea is a blend of Ceylon black tea, red pepper, red currant, rowan berry fruit, sugar flakes and aromatic flavour. What I really like about this blend is rowan berry fruit, as it holds a specific meaning. Rowan tree is considered sacred, and these berries are not a common ingredient of tea blends. However, they are used in jams, jellies and many Christmas decorations. This blend has a smokey berry scent that gets very intense in a heated teapot. Price of Merry Christmas tea is 3.50 GBP for 50 grams or around 4.70 USD.

Merry Christmas tea

Wish You a Merry Christmas Tea

Brewing: 5 grams, 200 ml, 95 degrees Celsius, 3,5 minutes

Judging by the scent and flavour, this tea is all about celebration. Berries are dominating while red pepper gives just a tiny background note. Ceylon black tea is strong enough to hold all these flavours, much stronger than in the previous Christmas tea blends from Brewing Leaf. Very intense berry flavor is very strong, and it leaves a strong sweet aftertaste. This tea might be a good choice for all those that prefer drinking fruit infusions, rather than the regular pure teas. Color is very strong as well, orange-brown. Second steep gives a very pleasant infusion as well, much lighter and more balanced; maybe a bit less festive, but still strong enough. This tea is like a Christmas dessert tea, and would be the perfect choice right after Christmas breakfast.

Merry Christmas tea