Feeling tired of the regular Chai? Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea is using Indian oolong as the base that actually works very well.

I am a huge chai fan. I like to make my chai from pure loose leaf teas and mix them with spices. Of course, with both milk and sugar. But, I also enjoy drinking it with water, if the blend is well made. This one sounded too good to be missed out.

Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea

Name: Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea
Tea Vendor: Vahdam Teas (India)
Type: oolong chai tea

Maharani Likes to Drink Chai

Let’s start from the name. Maharani is the word used for maharaja’s wife or widow. This would probably suggest a tea that is more delicate and refined, not strong or robust. It is somehow true (although I really do not support dividing tastes to those appropriate for female/male). Highly oxidized Darjeeling oolong tea serves as a base and spice mix is made of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper. Cloves are very dominant, black pepper is following in intensity and cardamom and cinnamon are not very noticeable at first. 100 grams costs 12 USD.

Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea

Serving Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea

Brewing: 3 grams, 150ml of water, 90 degrees Celsius, 4 min

Maharani Chai spiced oolong tea changes personality as soon as placed in a warmed teapot. It suddenly becomes very sweet, with notes of chocolate and light flowery scent in the background. It’s very fresh and live. I would suggest using cooler water, max 85 degrees as it can get bitter. It’s a bit mouth drying in the end, but what I really like are the subtle black pepper tingles. Cinnamon is still very unnoticeable, which I don’t really mind as many other blends are using a lot of cinnamon.

Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea

This tea goes very very well with a dash of milk that will remove any traces of bitterness and still keep the original flavor in place. This tea is a lightly sweet, subtly spiced oolong good for evening relaxation. If you like cloves and black pepper, you will like this tea a lot.