Woman in Love is the most amazing flavoured white tea I have ever tried. Flavours are so perfectly balanced that individual ingredients are not standing out on their own, but rather contribute to the ultimate great flavour of this blend.

OK, this really is the best flavoured white tea I have ever tried. I honestly feel sad I only had one small sample. It’s that good. And I used to be a serious tea snob giving evil eye to everyone drinking anything except pure high quality teas. As the saying goes, never say never.

Woman in Love

Name: Woman in Love
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured Chinese white tea

Woman in Love is My Love

Woman in Love is a blend of white bai mu dan tea, redcurrant, lavender and sunflower. At first it looks more like a herbal tea because of the big bai mu dan leaves are big sunflower petals. It smells very flowery and fruity. Price is 4.40 GBP for 50 grams or around 6.23 USD. At first, it looks just like any other ordinary flavoured tea. And then, you put the leaves in a heated teapot.

Woman in Love

So What Happens?

Magic. Seriously. As it should with love. This tea has the most wonderful scent of all flavoured white teas I have ever tried. It’s like a field of sunflowers in the late autumn afternoon with fresh bales of hay scattered around. Sunflower goes very well with the character of bai mu dan tea, and redcurrants just a nice sourly and fruity touch. After the first steep, the sunflower field changes to redcurrant field and still has a very distinctive white tea note. Colour is pale yellow. It’s very refreshing and pleasant, quite unique and tempting to drink more and more.

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml, 80 degrees Celsius, 1 minute

Woman in Love

The Secret Ingredient

I didn’t read the ingredient list before brewing and I noticed a certain fresh note that reminded me of cactus. Quite unique and interesting. I checked the list and saw LAVENDER. It’s amazing how lavender blended in well, just giving freshness and background note that is uplifting whole blend. I have never experienced that from any other tea that contained lavender, as the lavender was always very strong and dominating. You can choose multiple short steeps instead of 4-5 minutes one. The second infusion is even better, giving a lot more flavour and freshness.

I love this tea. That rarely happens with flavoured tea. Woman in Love is perfect for any time of the day or season. It’s perfectly balanced, mild, but with a lot of scent and flavour and very easy to brew. It’s my favourite so far from Brewing Leaf.

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