L’Amour flavoured pu’er tea is a blend of ripe pu’er, lemon balm, linden and grapefruit, wih very expressed citric notes and mild woodsy pu’er base.

Next in the series of love inspired teas is L’Amour flavoured pu’er tea from Brewing Leaf, a tea shop offering interesting flavoured teas with even more interesting names.

L'Amour Flavoured Pu'er Tea

Name: L’Amour
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured ripe pu’er

Pu’er is one of those teas that you either love or hate. I don’t like talking about health benefits of tea. I think they are often exagerrated and depend on the quality and the type of tea, but when pu’er in question, there are no doubts. It’s one of those teas which benefits you can see almost immediately, especially after eating heavy greasy food. Pu’er is definitely not for everyone because it has a very specific taste, and raw pu’er is even more questionable as most of teas available to us are just average and overpriced or even below any level of decency. Ripe pu’er is a less risky buy. Adding fruits and flavours to pu’er is a good way to make it enjoyable for almost everyone.

L'Amour Flavoured Pu'er TeaL’Amour flavoured pu’er is one of those teas. However, you might want to be careful with this one – grapefruit can give a bitter taste.

What is L’Amour

It a blend of ripe loose pu’er, lemon balm, linden and grapefruit. It’s quite interesting how linden found itself among lemon balm and grapefruit, and although you can see it, it’s not that noticeable in scent. There are some quite large pieces of grapefruit in this blend. The scent is very citrus. In a heated teapot it has a scent of citrus dry candy, and pu’er is still only in the background. Price is 3.60 GBP for 50 grams.

L'Amour Flavoured Pu'er Tea

L'Amour Flavoured Pu'er TeaHot Love – Brewing L’Amour Flavoured Pu’er Tea

I recommend a bit different brewing than suggested. I’ll get to the reasons in a bit. 3 grams, 150 ml of water, 90 degrees Celsius and short, 30 second steep. The reason lies in grapefruit. It can and it will get very bitter is you brew it for a longer time. Besides, as this L’Amour is actually a ripe pu’er, short steeps work perfectly. It can give at least 5 good infusions, all with a much more pronounced pu’er and grapefruit note only appearing at the tip of the tongue and then as an aftertaste. It’s quite mild and pleasant if you don’t over brew it. Really, be careful as hot water and 5 minutes will destroy it and you will be very unsatisfied. Pu’er goes well with citrus notes. I cannot really feel the lemon balm that much, it just gives a tiny extra note.

This tea is a good choice for those that like grapefruit as it is very dominant in this blend. It’s a good choice for drinking after a heavier (but milder in flavour) meal.

L'Amour Flavoured Pu'er Tea

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