French Kiss flavored green tea from Brewing Leaf is a blend of Chinese gunpowder tea, cherries, aloe and safflower that would be a great option for making iced-tea.

The second in the row of Love Inspired Tea series that I decided to do after realizing how important love is in the tea world.

French Kiss

Name: French Kiss
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured Chinese green tea

What is a French Kiss?

French Kiss is a flavoured green tea from Brewing Leaf. This blend contains gunpowder tea as a base, dried cherries, aloe and safflower. I wasn’t quite sure about this one as I am not a big fan of gunpowder tea. In my opinion, gunpowder is great only for making iced-tea, never for hot brewing. French Kiss actually looks very interesting. Safflower gives a nice touch to the whole blend and gunpowder leaves look quite big and heavy. Regarding the scent, cherries dominate, which I kind of like as it reminds me of our favourite top candy from childhood. Price for French Kiss is 3.30 GBP or around 4.70 USD (50 grams).

French Kiss

It’s supposed to get wet

Otherwise it would be called just a kiss on the cheek. How how does it hold in hot water?

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml water, 80 degrees Celsius, 1 minute

The scent of cherries gets even more dominating in a heated teapot, but there is one deeper smokey gunpowder note present. Color is quite nice, golden yellow. And, there is the taste of gunpowder and safflower which I don’t particularly like. It gives a murky warming feeling, not quite defined that wants to be everything, but is not much in the end. There it is, I said it. I am not a fan on this tea. Of all 6-7 teas I already tried from the same shop, I loved every single one of them, but this is just not my cup of tea. I do think it would make an amazing iced-tea (because of the gunpowder) and it could find appreciation among gunpowder lovers. The second infusion is actually a bit better in my opinion, milder and more soothing.

French Kiss

Final Thoughts

Wet leaves are HUGE. I’ve never seen any gunpowder leaves so huge and it was quite surprising. This tea definitely requires a strainer as safflower is very tiny. I have to be honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy this tea. It has a murky gunpowder flavour which I do not particularly like. It might be a nice option for those that like gunpowder tea, as this one is not bitter at all, and has a nice cherry touch. French Kiss? I prefer the Dance of Love instead.

French Kiss