For the next few days I’m doing the Love Inspired Tea series with teas that celebrate love. And Dance of Love is one of them – very warming blend of black tea, strawberries, jasmine and sugar hearts.

Name: Dance of Love
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured Vietnamese black tea

I love this tea! Put anything cute and pink into a blend and I will instantly fall in love with it. Yes, I admit. Although I’m a tea purist in every sense, there is something attractive and joyful in discovering cute and interesting blends. And Dance of Love is one of them.

Dance of Love

Dance of Love in Steps

Ingredients are orange pekoe black tea, sugar hearts, jasmine, strawberry and flavours. Promising, right? This blend is very cute, dark brown leaves with a reddish hue, with mixed in tiny pieces of dried strawberries and jasmine flowers and pink sugar hearts. It smells quite nice, not overwhelming, with jasmine and strawberry nicely blending in the background and sugary coating on a bit smokey black tea. Price is 3.10 GBP for 50 grams or around 3.40 USD. In a heated teapot it almost smells like a dark chocolate filled with strawberry jam decorated with dried jasmine flowers. This tea is really taking seriously all ingredients.

Dance of Love

Taking the First Move

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml of water, 2 minutes +

I love how the leaves smell after the first steep. All the aromas are much more intense. However, considering the jasmine as an ingredient and sugar hearts that don’t actually melt, this is not so unexpected. Color is dark orange-red-brown, quite intense. This tea is quite pleasant and mild in additional flavours. Black tea is dominating and it is a mix of strong Assam teas and smokey blacks. There is only a feeling of a tiny invisible sugary coating, nothing more. Jasmine and strawberry are still in the background, only to give a tiny aftertaste. I quite like this tea. Second infusion gets a bit murky as the hearts are finally melting. It’s a bit lighter, but still very nice. Even the third one is very warming and nice, quite rare for a flavoured tea.

Dance of Love

A Dance Worth Trying

Dance of Love is a very pleasant flavoured black tea that could be a great solution for those trying to switch from flavoured to pure black teas. This tea has both. I see it as a perfect traditional afternoon tea party tea for Valentines day, as it would go perfect with some scones and a bit of sugar or honey. It would be a great choice as a palate cleaning tea after a spicy lunch or dinner. Dance of Love? Yes please.

Dance of Love