Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia is one more unique loose leaf tea from the amazing Tea in the City. Delicate, sophisticated, fresh and very likeable.

Finding a real loose leaf tea grown in Russia in a UK tea shop was a true surprise, and being able to try it, a true happiness. Krasnodar Green comes from Khosta Tea Plantation in Sochi and it is one of the very rare examples of Russian teas available online.

Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia

Name: Krasnodar Green
Tea Vendor: Tea in the City (UK)
Producer: Khosta Tea Plantation (Russia)
Type: Russian green tea

Overview of Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia

I immediately fell in love with this tea. Leaves are amazingly beautiful, quite thin and elegant, full and dark intensive green with almost gleaming edges. They are quite similar to Krasnodar Yellow, but less thin and much more green in colour. Dry leaves have a wonderful fresh scent with mixed toasted and very very light green grassy notes, overall very delicate. Price is 13,95 GBP for 75 grams or 19 USD. This tea has a very unusual aura, and you can tell straight away it is not your regular green tea. Scent intensifies in a heated teapot, and it has a lovely warm green soul with green with barely noticeable smokey notes in the background.

Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia

A Delicate Brew

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml of water, 85 degrees Celsius, 15 sec

I must admit, brewing guide scared me a bit. A 15 seconds steep could only mean a very bitter brew if over-steeped. Or was I wrong? Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia is great example how rules do not exist, especially with tea. 15 seconds seems very short, but enough to make a perfectly interesting cup of tea. I didn’t notice any huge difference in steeping in longer, though. This tea is true to its delicate character in all aspects. I did follow the suggestion, but I also tried to experiment a bit (not too much because it would be a shame to ruin it). Krasnodar Green is delicate, no matter how long you steep the leaves. It has a wonderful light toasty and light light grassy green scent and flavor and delicate pale green transparent color. Leaves have a scent of washed-out sencha on the way to meet long jing, with the determination of zhen mei, and in the manner of an ji bai cha tea.

Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia

Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia


Isolated Tea

Leaves are good for three- four steeps. I think this tea could manage higher temperatures very well. There is no trace of bitterness, unlike in Krasnodar Yellow which can turn a bit bitter if over-steeped. I like this tea a lot. It is not your usual wake-up green tea, it’s not even a dessert green tea. Krasnodar Green tea from Russia is unique, delicate, amazing tea that would be the perfect choice for summer evenings. This tea is clean, refreshing, delicate and very sophisticated. I connect it with peace and quietness, even isolation. This is by far the most delicate of all green teas I have ever tried. Krasnodar Green tea from Russian cannot be compared with other green teas, but if I need to make a comparison, I would say Anji Baicha would be the closest.

Krasnodar Green Tea from Russia

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