If I would need to name the most unusual tea I have tried in the last 15 years, it would be Krasnodar Gold Russian yellow tea from Sochi.

The most happiest moment in every tea lover’s life is discovering and tasting teas that he or she has never tried. If they come from the most unusual places in the world the joy is even bigger. Krasnodar Gold Russian Yellow Tea from Sochi is just one of those tea. I would have never guessed that Russia is producing yellow tea. I had to try it.

Name: Krasnodar Gold
Vendor: Tea in the City (UK)
Producer: Khosta Tea Plantation, Sochi, Russia
Tea type: Russian yellow tea

Krasnodar gold Russian yellow tea

Krasnodar Gold Russian yellow tea in all its beauty

First, this tea is extremely beautiful. In a way it resembles Chinese dan cong teas, with beautifully shaped long thin leaves, but more thinner, more sophisticated. Color is greenish-brown. Dry leaves have a smokey scent, more similar to raw pu’er, with a fresh green background of pan-fired teas. A very interesting combination. 75 gram refill pouch cots 15,95 GBP or 21 USD. The get a very intriguing deep sweet scent in the heated teapot.

Can’t wait to brew it

Brewing: 90 degrees Celsius 5 grams, 150ml water, 20 sec +

Krasnodar gold Russian yellow tea

It’s interesting how this tea resembles dan cong in appearance, but also shares the similar brewing method. Be careful not to steep for too long because it will get bitter. This tea is sophisticated, and it should be treated in the same manner. Krasnodar Gold Russian yellow tea has a lot to offer. Color is golden yellow, but bright and pure. Tea itself is mild, but complex, with vegetable and flowery notes, mellow. It feels like a very good dan cong with the personality of flowery oolong pretends to be raw light dark tea. Sounds complicated? It should. After the first steep, there is even a bit of spiciness in the background. Leaves are good for a few infusions, and they get a bit lighter after the third steep.

This tea would go amazingly well with lightly sour desserts, as it will only emphasizing sweet taste at the back of the tongue. It’s very pleasant and very smooth, not overwhelming. This tea feels like a comfort tea, for all those moments when you want to relax and enjoy pure quality tea.