Jade Sword green tea from Teadaw is a very interesting, but not very well-known Zhu Ye Qing (竹叶青) from Sichuan made of tea buds, sharp as a sword, and surprisingly light and refreshing.

Jade Sword green teaSpring is the perfect season for enjoying fresh green teas. Besides the most popular green teas like bi luo chun, long jing and sencha, there are some amazing light teas that fit perfectly in cool early spring days. With light flavor and expressed freshness, Jade Sword green tea is one of them.

Name: Jade Sword
Tea Vendor: TeaDaw (China)
Type: Chinese green tea

There Are Many Types of Swords

Jade Sword green teaAnd the best type for all tea lovers is certainly made of tea leaves. In the case of Jade Sword – pure tea buds. Leaves look like little swords, made of full flat buds with tiny white hairs, and are extremely sharp. You would actually be able to pierce your skin with the leaves, that’s how sharp they are. Color is turtle green to yellowish green and the scent is very fresh and raw, with a tiny sour raw straw note, more raw than most of other green teas.

Price is 59.98 USD for 90 grams. What I especially like about the packaging is that leaves are packed in individual foils (3 grams each), which makes it very easy for beginners to brew and keeps the leaves fresh for a longer time.

Brewing Jade Sword Green Tea

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml, 75 degrees, 60, 90, 120 seconds

Jade Sword green tea

There is an intense deep sweetness in these leaves. The scent is wonderfully warm and green with subtle toasted and fresh notes. Leaves turn to beautiful spring green color. Flavor is quite similar to the scent of leaves – subtle, refreshing, mix of spring and lightly fresh toasted notes. It has a tiny astringent note than turns into a mouthful of sweetness that lasts incredibly long. This astringency is quite interesting – it gives you the feeling this tea is bitter, but in the end you realized your taste buds fooled you, and you actually get a very sweet refreshing tea.

Jade Sword green tea

The color matches the character as well – pale yellowish green and delicate. This tea definitely needs some patience and love to give its best. It can become bitter if brewed incorrectly. Same leaves can be used up to three times. Jade Sword green tea is a good choice for those that like Anji Bai Cha although it’s a bit stronger and sweeter) or Kai Hua Long Ding green tea.

Jade Sword green tea