If you are looking for something to replace your cup of coffee – try Irish Breakfast. Stronger and fuller than English Breakfast, this tea is perfect for sleepy mornings and awakening lattes.

I have really been into breakfast teas lately. I’m not really interested in the regular supermarket stuff. I want something different, unique and with a soul. Though Irish Breakfast is not a unique and rare tea, where I come from, we don’t really drink anything else except English Breakfast. As I started exploring pure loose leaf tea some 15 years ago, I completely neglected all those world-famous blends. Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, they are all on my to-try list. (you can laugh at me).

Name: Irish Breakfast
Tea Vendor: Confet-Tea (UK)
Type: blended black tea

Irish Breakfast on the Table

CTC style leaf mixed with broken leaf looks very interesting and smells great. Irish Breakfast from Confet-Tea is a combination of very deep malty, chocolaty, smokey and fresh notes. Very interesting mix, bold and promising. I really like CTC teas in the morning if their purpose is to wake me up. 30 grams of Irish Breakfast costs 3.20 GBP, around 4.35 USD.

Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Liquid diet

Brewing: 4 grams, 200 ml, 95 degrees, 3 minutes

Irish Breakfast is definitely one of the strongest breakfast blends I have ever tried. Blend of two strong black teas from Assam and Ceylon, in CTC style and broken leaf style is sure to get a very very strong infusion. This tea is so thick and full-bodied it’s hard to even look at it as tea. I managed to take a reflection of the outside sky and plants on the surface. I really think I’ve never encountered something like this before.

Irish Breakfast Black Tea

This would be an amazing base for black tea lattes or for adding some alcohol – I couldn’t resist not to add a bit of rum into it. It’s almost inviting you to add either rum or milk. This is the perfect tea for those that like to add milk and sugar. I always like to keep away from sugar, but a bit of milk will work amazingly well. Wet leaves have a very nice scent – like a spiced caramel, very sweet and fresh.

Irish Breakfast

Leaves are good for three infusions and it’s the third one that gives a „reasonable“ common black tea, the one you would usually get from tea bags.