Georgian Black tea is the exquisite example how an infamous tea can have the qualities of the most well-known and expensive tea in the world.

I love it. Georgian black has it all – from the beautiful appearance, to complexity and scent, and uniqueness. My first impression was – ripe fruits smoked on straw and kept in a barn. Doesn’t sound appealing? It is, and very unique as a matter of fact.

Georgian Black Tea

Name: Georgian Black
Tea Vendor: Tea in the City (UK)
Type: Georgian black tea

The Beauty of Georgian Black Tea

Georgian Black tea comes from Ozurgeti in Georgia and it’s hand-picked and hand-processed. Dry leaves smell amazing. Like a mix of coffee, toffee and caramel in a smoky veil, with the personality of Assam. They get a very interesting light fruity note and deep, almost citrus freshness in the heated teapot. Leaves look beautiful, small and curly, look almost perfect. They resemble the finest qi men tea. They are smokey dark black-brown with tiny white tips here and there. Price for a 50 gram pouch is 4,95 GBP or 6,85 USD.

Georgian Black Tea

A Drinkable Fireplace

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml water, 95 degrees Celsius, 3 min+

How I love this tea! After the first steep leaves get a very deep dark chocolate toffee scent, with a tiny kind of sour, but pleasent and fresh note, different from dry leaves. Color is beautiful, deep and dark red, almost shining. This tea is so gentle and delicate, yet so full. Very warming, feels like a source of heat in a small cup. Like a small drinkable fireplace. I never had this feeling from any other tea. There is no bitterness at all, just full very deep, but gentle, sweet and smooth flavour that stays with you for a long time after drinking. This tea reacts great to cooling as well. It reveals deep dark chocolate notes, without any bitterness and drags a strong tail. Second infusion is great as well, much lighter, but amazing. You can get even one or two more, but with much longer steep time.

Georgian Black Tea

You Cannot Really Get Rid of It

Georgian Black tea is one of those teas that can easily fool you. Even used up leaves have a very intense scent, fooling you that you can use them again. I actually like that a lot, and tend to leave those leaves in a cup for a day or two, just randomly smelling them.

I love Georgian Black tea. (OK, I said that a few times already.) It’s one of those comforting teas, winter teas, amazingly unique and warming. I see it as a perfect choice after returning home on a cold snowy evening. It would be a great option for those that like higher quality Assam tea and qi men tea.