Flower Field Yellow Tea from Sichuan is one of the most flowery teas I have ever tried – if you enjoy visiting flower shops and be veiled in intense scents of rich bouquets, this tea is a definite must.

Long time ago when I tried the first yellow tea I wasn‘t much impressed. It was just some random low quality over-roasted tea from the local tea shop falsely advertized as Yinzhen. I actually had no interest in exploring yellow teas further… Until recently. My newly found appreciation started with Huo Shan Huang Ya (a tea of the quite low quality) , but only when I tried the amazing Krasnodar Gold yellow tea from Russia, I became fascinated. And now, here comes the Flower Field Yellow tea from Sichuan.

Name: Flower Field Yellow
Tea Tea
Vendor: Teadaw (China)
Type: Chinese yellow tea

Flower Field Yellow Tea from Sichuan

For this review I used the leaves from a teabag. As the leaves are not broken and look very nice, I decided to brew them in my favorite way, and not in a mug. I do think this tea will give the same excellent result in a mug. Flower Field Yellow Tea from Sichuan has a very interesting color, yellow-brownish-green, containing both leaves and buds. You can feel the intense scent immediately upon opening a bag. It is very very flowery, a bit toasty and has that pan-fired note to it, but flowers are dominating. Which flowers? It’s very difficult to say – from rose to chrysanthemum, like a big rich bouquet of all possible colorful flowers in their full bloom. Price is  21.98 USD for 20 teabags or 13.99 for 50 grams of loose leaf tea.

Flower Field Yellow Tea

Watering the Flowers

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml, 80-85 degrees Celsius, 1, 1,5, 3 minutes

Although the scent is very intense, Flower Field yellow tea from Sichuan is actually quite gentle, mild and warming. It has a very weak spicy background, intense flowery notes and quite a lot of sweetness. What is the most interesting about this tea is that both the scent of wet leaves and flavor give the impression you steeped flower petals, not Camellia sinensis leaves. It has the exact scent as you would get from fresh pink rose flower petals. This tea can get a bit bitter so you do need to be careful, but patience will pay off. There is a bit of a high mountain flowery oolong feeling to it, but more mature, more determined. You can use the same leave at least 3 times, and mixing all steeps gives a very nice result as well.

Flower Field Yellow Tea


Wet leaves are quite interesting, a mix of little buds with connecting leaf, and some bigger leaves. Flower Field yellow tea from Sichuan is a good choice for a dessert tea. It’s impressive how flowery it is, especially the scent of dry leaves. I think of it as a summer or autumn tea, the one that will keep reminding you of spring colors and scents.