Doke Rolling Thunder, an Indian oolong tea from Bihar is quite different from any other oolongs – it has a unique fresh light yellow rose scent and taste, with sweet honey and chocolate undertones.

As today is the first day of September and the month when autumn begins, it is only natural to start reviewing oolong teas a bit more. I have been trying a lot of Indian teas lately, and it seems like there is a good trend going on among Indian tea shops lately. No more low quality teas, no more dust and fannings. Instead, Assam and Darjeeling teas are presented with more effort than ever, chosen carefully, produced organically, and there is a whole array of whites, oolongs and greens trying to find their way in the hearts of tea drinkers. They are surely doing a good job. So far, I have not been disappointed.

Doke Rolling Thunder

Name: Doke Rolling Thunder Bihar Second Flush Oolong Tea (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)
Tea Vendor: Vahdam Teas (India)
Type: Indian oolong tea

Doke Rolling Thunder hits the rose field

Doke Rolling Thunder comes from a Doke tea garden in Pothia, Kishanganj, Bihar – India. Leaves are hand-rolled and look quite nice. They are twisted and small, mostly broken with lots of little white tips. Color is brown to green. The most appealing is definitely the scent. Light, but very distinct, natural fresh yellow rose scent. Not the nose-filling intense rose, but fresh on the branch growing rose. Chocolate warm notes are added to this scent once the leaves are placed in a warmed teapot. Quite light and quite beautiful. 100 grams costs 12 USD. Quite affordable for a daily tea, especially given the facts that recommended quantity is 2 grams of leaves per 180 ml.

Doke Rolling Thunder

Thunder Brewing

Brewing 3 grams, 150 ml, 85 degrees Celsius, 5 minutes

Flavor is a bit light and flat at first, but there is a sweet interesting aftertaste going on. It’s similar to the scent, light light fresh rose and chocolate undertones. Doke Rolling Thunder would be perfect as an iced-tea and a good base tea for different blends. The only disadvantage is that leaves can give only one-two good steeps, so leaving it up to 5 minutes is the best option. Second one is good as well, but I did leave the leaves a bit longer. It has a beautiful flower&honey scent and deep orange to brown color. I really like the wet leaves. They have a certain charm and incredible freshness with, again, pure fresh uncut rose scent. Amazing. I’ve never noticed this natural leaf scent in any other oolongs so far.

Doke Rolling Thunder

This tea reminds me of Yingde Hong black tea blended with fresh yellow rose petals, but in a much lighter version. A great choice for a light and not overwhelming daily oolong. Easy to brew, no bitterness, and great when cooled down as well.