Divine Highlands is a black tea from Sri Lanka from high altitudes with an interesting fresh, floral and sophisticated character.

I had a tough time deciding which tea to review next, so I decided to go by the scent. And, Divine Highlands was just the perfect choice. This tea comes from Nuwara Eliya and is grown at 1850 meters.

Divine Highlands Leaves do Look Divine

Divine Highlands Sri Lankan Black Tea

There is something diving in the scent of dry leaves ‘ a bit smokey, a bit floral and a bit fresh. Reminds me a bit of the Prince of Wales blend, but much more sophisticated, fresh, flowery and elegant. This tea is less oxidized than most of the black teas.

Leaves are small, broken, with quite nice orange hue. I find all Teakruthi‘s tea quite interesting in appearance, every one of them has a special visual touch – this one has a few tiny buds and stalk scattered around, just enough to make mess and make color more interesting. Color is very live and fresh.

Divine Highlands Sri Lankan Black Tea

What Did the Teapot Say?

Brewing: 3 grams, 85 degrees, 150ml, 3, 4, 2 min

The scent is very nice, warming and comforting. Floral and fresh notes are still dominating, with a touch of a smoky note. Color is bright brick-orange, clear and pretty. This tea has a slightly astringent ending, and an interesting combination of lightness and boldness, but with lightness dominating. It leaves a very nice, long, sweet aftertaste. This tea is not robust, not strong enough to be a breakfast tea, but strong enough for an afternoon refreshment. I see it as a nice pairing to light desserts.

There is maybe a lack of the overall flavor, but the aftertaste is making up for it. It’s quite easy to drink for a black tea. After the first steep, both the scent and the leaves start to remind me of a Darjeeling tea. You can get two infusions out of it. The third one is a bit too weak.

Divine Highlands Sri Lankan Black Tea

Overall, this is quite an interesting tea, but more light from what an avid black tea drinker would be accustomed to.