12 days before Christmas, it’s time for Christmas tea… Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea is a warming blend of green and black tea with rose petals, orange peel, cinnamon and raisins.

Cozy Fireplace is the first warming blend among chosen Christmas teas that I will present every day until Christmas. I am in the holiday mood and decided to do something different this year. I have to admit I am a secret lover of Christmas teas, so this was a very fun and enjoyable task, and I hope I will help you will find interesting blends for this winter. Besides, I tried the first mince pie in my life!  (thank you)

Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea

Name: Cozy Fireplace
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured black and green tea

When Black and Green Meet

Cozy Fireplace Christmas Tea is a blend of black tea, green sencha tea, raisins, orange zest, cinnamon, rose petals and aromatic flavour. Both green and black tea leaves are quite big, and blend contains whole raisins, dried orange peel and rose petals. Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea has a scent of apple pie infused with orange juice and mulled wine. Ever since I was a child, apple pie or apple strudel was a true sign of late autumn and early winter. It is traditionally made with raisins and cinnamon, just like the Cozy Fireplace Christmas Tea. 50 grams is 2.70 GBP, or around 3.70 USD.

Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea

Cozy Fireplace Christmas Tea on Fire

Cozy Fireplace Christmas teaBrewing: 5 grams, 200 ml, 90 degrees, 1.5, 3 min

Scent is nice in the heated teapot, like all ingredients are appearing one at a time, but creating a full rounded scent. Colour is golden orange, and it definitely suits the name of the tea very well. In my opinion, 90 degrees work better for this tea, and you can combine two steeps into one. Flavour is quite delicate, warming, with cinnamon and orange floating on the top of light smokiness of black tea. Cozy Fireplace Christmas Tea is a very good choice for apple strudel lovers and those that want a warm cozy drink in snowy winter nights.


Oh, and if you like honey or maple syrup, Christmas is the time when everything is allowed. That means, even adding honey to tea. Why not make it even sweeter.

Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea