Contributing means building a better tea world together

How to collaborate – for tea lovers and tea experts

Every tea voice counts. We like to share opinions, impressions, stories, photographs and anything related to tea. We are open to collaborating with all interested tea lovers. Tea lovers can contribute reviews, photos, stories from their tea journey, interviews with tea specialist, news, articles, suggestions, or whatever they might find important to build a better tea world together. Please contact us for additional information and options. If you would like to become a regular writer on Tea Chronicles, you articles and photos will never be published under any other name besides your own.

We are offering you the opportunity to start your tea blogging career

Have you visited (or you are currently visiting) a tea farm? Or maybe a tea museum? Or interesting tea house? Or maybe even the whole tea city? Did you sleep among tea bushes? Or climbed a tea tree? (OK, we are exaggerating now, but we like crazy stories as well.) Or maybe you have a stunning photo journal? Let us know, we would love to publish it.

Please be aware that the reviews must be written following the guidelines we will provide. All reviews need to be followed by photos.

If you are a tea lover and have no experience in writing, but do have some great ideas and a lot of knowledge, we can help you in editing your article. Please be aware that we care about sharing the right information.

How to collaborate – for tea shops

Tea shops that want us to publish reviews of their teas, please be aware that our opinion is always honest. You can advertise with us, but be aware that we have to put a special mark not to confuse our readers. We also accept your suggestions or questions about collaborating on different projects like tea photography exhibitions, tea events and other projects.

If you have an interesting guest blog that you would like to share, contact us for Guest Blog Guidelines. Your name or the name of your shop will always be written under your work.

We love publishing interviews with tea specialists and tea shop owners – the really passionate ones. Our interviews are meant to share the knowledge, passion, and information. If you think you are the right person for us, or you think you have the right person for us, let us know.


Please make sure you read the collaboration guidelines carefully. We accept tea samples, teaware and tea books for reviews. Please be aware that we reserve the right not to accept samples and that our opinion is always honest. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Is there something you think we missed? Or you saw an error? (We are only humans too, we make mistakes!) Let us know – we appreciate all suggestions and collaboration inquiries.

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