Clover Patch Wuyi oolong has a perfect name – it’s a rock oolong that can brag about its green appearance and floral notes a more greeen and fresh feeling in the group of typically darker teas.

The first week of 2018 is supposed to be full of great teas. I chose the one I’ve tried a long time ago, but somehow always postponed the review. Now I can see why. This tea is here to make you happy, and this is what the New Year’s day should be about. By the way, yesterday I decided to end the year with Pin 2015, one of my favourite sheng pu’ers, also from white2tea. Pin 2015 is one of those teas where you want to keep your nose stuck into a teapot and smell it for hours.

Clover Patch Wuyi oolong

Name: Clover Patch Wuyi Oolong
Tea Vendor: white2tea (China)
Type: oolong tea

Clover Patch Wuyi Oolong Leaves

This oolong leaves a very interesting first impression. If I didn’t have all the information, I would seriously doubt is it a dan cong or a wuyi tea. Leaves are fuller and sturdier than the usual dan cong, but they have a certain sophistication and green color that I usually link to dan congs. Plus, the intense scent. Leaves are brownish green leaves, quite big. Clove Patch Wuyi oolong comes from Fujian and it has been processed using modern instead of traditional techniques. Price is 17.50 USD for 50 grams. This tea has an amazing scent in a heated teapot. It’s remarkably intense. For me, it’s like sweet ripe plums and berries with a tiny sour note, covered with the best honey.

Clover Patch Wuyi oolong

The Water Will Tell

Brewing: 5 grams, 90 degrees Celsius, 150 ml, 15, +5 sec

This tea is full of surprises. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it as it is definitely not a usual tea that you can find in any other tea store. White2tea has a great philosophy, evident from each and every tea they offer. Right after the first steep wet leaves start revealing a floral tone. Color is yellow-orange, lighter. It’s beautifully sweet, with tones of ripe fruit, dates and spiced honey, even a bit musky. Second steep gets a certain lightness, like the whole full flavor is floating on the surface while drinking and then sinks in your mouth. There is a tiny spicy feeling at the end and it’s more floral than the previous one. Almost like there are traces of gui fei in it. Clover Patch Wuyi oolong is full and smooth. It starts to get a bit lighter after the fifth steep, but holds very well for a 2-3 more steeps.

Clover Patch Wuyi oolong

I wouldn’t say this tea is the best representation of the mineral notes. Although there are some, this tea is more about the explosion of scents. Amazing tea for all those that want to see what small tea leaves can offer and the one that would make every basic tea drinker into a true tea lover.

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