Classical Oriental Beauty is surely a class of its own in the world of Taiwanese tea. This little gem offers a unique set of notes from spicy to honey.

I remember the time when I tried my first Oriental Beauty. I was amazed by the intense scent and unique flavor that rarely any other has. That was quite some time ago, and I got the chance to try all sorts of teas that are quite similar, but at the same time very different. Honey notes are quite common in Taiwanese oolongs, but although all are extraordinary, rarely any has the sophistication of Oriental Beauty (dong fang mei ren).

Classical Oriental Beauty

Name: Classical Oriental Beauty
Tea Vendor: Tea Repertoire (UK)
Type: Taiwanese oolong tea

It’s All in the Leaves

What makes Oriental Beauty special is the Jacobiasca formosana bug part. When these little bugs bite the leaves, tea plant reacts and produces compounds that contribute to the final flavour. Type of processing also influences the final result, as well as harvesting time and location. To make long story short (because this is a review), Oriental Beauty is quite unique. Classical Oriental Beauty was harvested in summer in Miaoli, Taiwan. Leaves are very interesting, light brown and dark brown with lots of white tips. Price is 27.25 GBP for 50 grams (pouch) or around 37.85 USD.

Classical Oriental Beauty

Trying the Classical Oriental Beauty

Brewing: 3 grams, 150 ml, 85 degrees Celsius, 3 minutes +

I love smelling this tea, especially in the heated teapot. It has the most amazing complex flavour profile, strong, very deep, complex and determined, but still very light and sophisticated. Classical Oriental Beauty feels like ripe peaches soaked in spiced honey and served in only tiny pieces in the warm breezy early summer afternoon. It has a certain airy feeling, which makes it not too overwhelming. Color is quite bright, but warming, light amber yellow. It looks beautiful in glass cups. Second steep is great as well, but much more light, as it is to expect from a tea that has such a long first steep.

Classical Oriental Beauty

True Nature

Classical Oriental Beauty has wonderful used leaves, tiny, full of buds and even prettier than when dry. This tea is often called a champagne among oolongs, and it doesn’t surprise that Tea Repertoire recommends it to fine Darjeeling black tea lovers – or all lovers of fine things. Classical Oriental Beauty is a great choice for fine afternoon tea parties where you want to impress and be impressed.

Classical Oriental Beauty

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