Christmas Eve flavoured black tea is a delicate blend of black tea, orange and sandalwood for a refined drinking experience during Christmas time.

This is the fourth tea from Brewing Leaf Christmas tea collection. I am pleasantly surprised how the flavours of this tea match the Christmas Eve spirit. This tea doesn’t boast, it’s not overwhelming, it’s even very simple in appearance.

Christmas Eve tea

Name: Christmas Eve
Tea Vendor: Brewing Leaf (UK)
Type: flavoured black tea

Christmas Eve in Tea Leaves

This blend looks very simple, with only a few cloves and small pieces of orange zest. Ingredients are black tea OP, clove, orange zest, sandalwood aromatic flavour. What I really like about tea is that it’s not overwhelming, orange is not dominating, and neither are cloves or sandalwood. There are all just a delicate addition to black tea. Orange scent is lingering on the surface and sandalwood in the background. Sandalwood is often used for calming purposes and as an incense in temples. It’s a great choice for scenting a tea named Christmas Eve. Price  is 2.85 GBP for 50 grams or around 3.80 USD.

Christmas Eve tea

Calming Brew

Brewing: 150 ml, 5 grams, 95 degrees Celsius, 3,5 minutes

This tea has a delicate smokey scent in a heated teapot, but very intense overall. Christmas Eve makes a very interesting brew. Right after the first steep, sandalwood becomes dominant and orange zest stays in the background. This tea is light in scent and flavour. Black tea is dominant, sandalwood follows, orange zest stays in the background and cloves are barely noticeable; they are here just to provide a delicate note. Second infusion is also good, much lighter, but still enjoyable. Ingredients in this tea are a very good choice for a day like Christmas Eve. This tea is not overwhelming, it’s calming, a bit smokey and delicate, a good choice for a peaceful evening before Christmas.

Christmas Eve tea Christmas Eve tea