Christmas is almost here, but it’s still not too late to discover Christmas tea blends. As Christmas is time to be joyful and enjoy happy moments with your loved ones, we hope all those tea purist also known under the name of Tea Grinch will not hold it up against us for giving in to flavoured pleasures. These blends contain not only the traditional winter spices, but spruce needles, mistletoe and sugar candy canes.

We made a choice of 35 different Christmas tea blends found is tea shops around UK. Brew Christmas spirit in your cup whole December (and even January if you wish).

Black Christmas Tea Blends

Christmas Afternoon Tea (Simpson Tea)

Afternoon tea time deserves to be jolly and flavourful. For all those that prefer their tea to have the word afternoon in its name, this Christmas tea blend is a perfect solution for a holiday season. Price is 9.95 GBP for 50 grams.

Christmas Blend (PekoeTea Edinburg)

Christmas Blend is a warming Christmas tea blend of black tea, almonds, apples, spices and bourbon vanilla. PekoeTea has amazing teas, and their Christmas tea blends will not let you down. Price? 5 GBP for 50 grams. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Christmas Cake (Bluebird Tea)

Tea, Christmas and Cake in one Cup? This Christmas tea blend contains real Christmas tree (or spruce needles), Sri Lankan black tea and sugar snowflakes. Christmas tea cake in a cup costs 5.50 GBP for 50 grams.

Christmas Eve (Brewing Leaf)

Ever wondered what to drink on Christmas Eve? Brewing Leaf has a perfect solution. Festive Christmas tea blend of black tea, orange zest, cloves and sandalwood will make Christmas Eve warming and joyful. Price is 2.85 GBP for 50 grams.

Christmas Sweets (Brewing Leaf)

This visually attractive blend looks like pure little snowflakes resting on Christmas stars. Christmas Sweets is a Christmas tea blend of black tea, coconut flakes, star anise, raisins, res peppercorns and sandalwood. Price is 3.40 GBP for 50 grams.

Christmas Tea (Brewing Leaf)

With this blend Christmas goes to tropical islands and leaves you refreshed and joyful. Mango and grapefruit, cloves, star anise and red peppercorns mixed in with black tea are perfect for any time of the day or any day of winter. Price is 3.25 GBP for 50 grams.

Cinnamon Bun (Jollybrew Tea)

Cinnamon Bus in a Christmas tea blend made of Sri Lankan black tea and pieces of cinnamon. Feel like having a hot cinnamon bun? This sugar-free indulgence is a great liquid substitute for holiday season. Price is 2.5 GBP for 20 grams. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Cozy Fireplace (Brewing Leaf)

Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea blend is the one you will want to drink when resting after a difficult day. This mix of green and black tea has rose petals, cinnamon and raisins to make it stand out of the Christmas tea blend crowd. Price is 2.7 GBP for 50 grams.

Cozy Fireplace Christmas tea

Cozy Fireplace

Gingerbread (Jollybrew Tea)

Gingerbread in a cup? Why not. This Christmas tea blend contains Sri Lankan black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa beans, safflower petals, chamomile white flowers, star anise and natural flavours. Idea plus – make it in a latte version. Price is 3.5 GBP for 40 grams. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Hot Toddy (Tugboat Brews)

The most traditional of all Christmas tea blends on our list is both simple and enough wintery to put you into a Christmas mood. What differs it from a regular chai tea are the orange pieces and natural flavours. 75 grams costs 3.80 GBP.

Marzipan Truffle (Shibui Leaf Tea)

This chocolaty Christmas tea blend contains Chinese black tea, marzipan, chocolate chips, almonds and pink peppercorns. We see it in a perfect latte version during snowy winter nights. Price is 4.95 GBP for 100 grams. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Merry Christmas (Brewing Leaf)

Why not wishing a Merry Christmas with tea? The only Christmas tea blend with rowanberry fruit from a magical tree is decorated with sugar snowflakes and contains black tea, red peppercorns and red currant. Price is 3.50 GBP for 50 grams.

Mistletoe Kisses (Simpson Tea)

What would a New Year’s Eve be without a mistletoe? This black tea bland contains not only cinnamon, star anise and red peppercorns, but a mistletoe and red sugar lips as well. Brew a cup, stand under the mistletoe and wait for the perfect kiss. Price is 9.95 GBP for 50 grams.

Santa Berry (The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company)

Santa Berry sounds more like a dessert than tea. Cranberries, raspberries and strawberries mixed with cardamon, almonds and black tea for the ultimate Christmas berry delight. Price is 3.32 GBP for 50 grams.

Winter Bonfire (Brewing Leaf)

Winter Bonfire shines with such a delightful color that it will warm you up instantly. This blend of black tea, almonds, apples and cinnamon tastes like an apple strudel in a liquid form. Price is 2.80 GBP for 50 grams.


Winter Brew (Jeeves & Jericho – Teasmiths of Oxford)

Winter Brew Christmas tea blend is actually a winter blend, with all possible winter ingredients blended into a warming cup of tea. Assam black tea, Chinese black tea, orange peels, flavouring, cocoa pieces, coconut, rasps, cinnamon, coriander, ginger pieces, rose blossom, cardamom, almond flakes and cloves all found its way into a Winter Brew. Price is 5.8 GBP for 100 grams.

Winter Dream (Tearoute)

Want to dream of spring in winter? Winter Dream is spiced, sweet and nutty tea based on the recipes of Middle Eastern sweets and pastries. 100 grams of typical winter flavours mixed with Safflower and Blue Mallow costs 6 GBP. (Update: this tea is no longer available, October 2018)

Winter Wonderland (Simpson Tea)

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas tea blend of black tea, white chocolate, snowflake sugar candy, almonds and cinnamon, and a few more flower blossoms for a final touch of wonder. Price is 9.95 GBP for 50 grams.

Fruit & Herbal Christmas Tea Blends

Candy Cane Bon Bons (Simpson Tea)

We are one of those people that can’t wait for Christmas season and get their hands on candy canes. This minty tea is a blend of herbs and flowers decorated with sugar candy canes. Price is 9.95 GBP for 50 grams.

Fruit Angel (The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company)

What would Christmas be without the angels? This caffeine-free fruity festive blend contains both spices and fruits, veiled in the winter marzipan flavour.  50 grams costs 3.48 GBP.

Magic (Brewing Leaf)

This winter magic has never been closer. This beautifully blended fruit and flower tea is a mix of tropical fruits, cinnamon and flowers. Price is 3.05 for 50 grams. We advise you to hurry, because Magic is almost gone.

Mulled Wine (Confet-tea)

Mulled Wine without a wine? Confet-tea’s Christmas tea blend is a fruit and spice mix of  apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, rose hip peel, mistletoe, cinnamon rods, flavouring (celery seed oil), orange slices and cloves. Idea plus – use it for making a real mulled wine. Price is 3.75 GBP for 50 grams.

Spiced Apple Cider (Jeeves & Jericho – Teasmiths of Oxford)

There are two types of people. Those that love beer and those that love cider. We haven’t seen the beer tea yet, but apple cider ones comes from Jeeves & Jericho and is great for warming up during cold winter days. 100 grams of spiced up cider costs 5.8 GBP.

Stollen (PekoeTea Edinburg)

This drinkable traditional Christmas cake is a must for all fruit tea lover. Maripan, rum and vanilla accompany dried fruits in this fruity Christmas indulgence. Price is 5 GBP for 50 grams. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Strawberry Santa (Simpson Tea)

Marshmallows are the ultimate winter treat, and Santa knows that well. Mixed with traditional winter spices and strawberries, this fruit tea is caffeine free and perfect for any member of the family. 50 grams costs 9.95 GBP.

All About Christmas božićni crni aromatizirani čaj

Green Christmas Tea Blends

Chocolate Orange Christmas Tea (Wee Tea Company)

Zesty Christmas tangerine and rich chocolate blended with green tea is a perfect solution for those that exaggerate in chocolate during Christmas holiday. Price is 8.95 GBP for a caddy with 18 silk biodegradable tea pyramids.

Christmas Green Tea (The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company)

This green Christmas tea blend has it all – from pink pepper and cloves, to almond, rum and marzipan flavouring to chocolate chips and sugar snowflakes. 50 grams of this sencha on Christmas vacation costs 3.04 GBP.

Gingerbread Man (Simpson Tea)

What we like about this Christmas tea blend is the interest list of ingredients –not only the usual gingerbread spices, but a hairy brome, apricot kernels and mini gingerbread sugars blended with green tea. Gingerbread man drunk on green tea costs 9.95 for 50 grams.

Teasecco Tea (Wee Tea Company)

Would you ever be able to give up a Christmas and New Year’s wine toast? This Christmas give a toast with tea – Teaseco tea is a blend of green tea, sweet apple and prosecco inspired flavours. Luxury tea caddy costs 8.95 GBP.

White Christmas Tea Blends

White Christmas (Nothing But Tea)

What is winter without White Christmas? This Christmas tea blend contains white tea cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Perfect for those that want their tea as purest as it can get. Price is 6.55 GBP for 100 grams.

Winter White (PekoeTea Edinburgh)

Winter White is a warming spicy blend of white and green teas with cinnamon, citrus and almond notes and tiny rose petals. This blend is perfect for delicate and soothing feeling. 50 grams costs 5 GBP. (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)

Oolong Christmas Tea Blends

Noël Bleu (Mariage Frères)

One of rare oolong Christmas tea blends comes from the famous Mariage Frères and contains silver and golden sugar stars, cinnamon, vanilla and orange. 70 gram tin costs 23 GBP.

Rooibos Christmas Tea Blends

Apple Strudel (Bluebird Tea)

How well does rooibos go with apple and cinnamon? Apple Strudel Christmas tea blend is the perfect answer. This zesty winter blend is caffeine free. 50 grams costs 5.50 GBP.

Rooibos Christmas Tea (The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company)

This Christmas tea blend is made of typical Christmas spices mixed with blackberry leaves and orange blossoms and safflower blended into rooibos tea for getting into a Christmas mood. 50 grams costs 2.68 GBP.

Nougat Mousse Rooibos Tea (The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company)

Nougat Mousse Rooibos Tea Christmas blend is beautiful in appearance, free in caffeine, but not free in sugar. This blend of rooibos, almonds and cocoa is decorated with sugared snowflakes. Price is 3.15 GBP for 50 grams.