If honey oolongs had a brother among white teas, it would be Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush white tea. This tea has an intoxicating personality, which cannot really be seen upon the first look.

Name: Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea (Update: tea is no longer available, October 2018)
Tea Vendor: Vahdam Teas
Tea Estate: Castleton
Type: Indian white tea

This is the first Indian white tea from Vahdam teas that I have tried. Actually, this was the first tea from Vahdam tea that I have ever tried, and how surprised I was. At the first sight, I didn’t expect too much. I think Indian white teas cannot be paired in beauty with Chinese or even Japanese whites, but how wrong I was.

Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea

Rich soul under the humble appearance

Leaves do look nice, don’t get me wrong. They are fluffy, full of white buds and resemble Bai Mu Dan a bit, in a greener, younger and fresher Indian version. And then, there is a completely different scent. 50 grams of Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush white tea costs 28 USD. Quite a price for Indian tea. Is it worth it? It’s worth much much much more. This is one of rare teas that I would actually be willing to pay even more, just to have it in my tea cupboard.

Soul and elegance are the first words that came to mind. Leaves are pretty, but this is not the best part of this tea. They look messy, but elegant, there is some warmness in their look. Half leaves, half silver buds, quite interesting mix of olive green, white and brown colors. Scent reveals an elegant smoothness, sweetness and freshness beneath. The whole transformation starts in a warmed teapot. First, there is a chocolate scent very similar to fine black teas, very very sweet and without any grassy or hay undertones.

Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea

Getting hooked on Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea

Brewing: 2.5 grams, 150 ml teapot, 85 degrees Celsius, 4 minutes.

I honestly believe I never ever in my life had a better white tea than Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush. (This review is not sponsored.) This tea is the most unique white tea I have ever tried. It has nothing to do with hay and grass like most white teas do. (Ok, I admit, most low quality white teas, high quality are always amazing). I used to despise white teas, though they were just not my cup of tea. Then, I started drinking teas that were not bought in my country. And oh, how wrong I was!

Nevertheless, this is still one of the best white teas I have ever tried. It speaks for itself. It’s pure, intense, complex, full, unique, different, brought to perfection, and – it makes me extremely happy. I used the same leaves 4 times. It changes through steepings in a very interesting way – from sweet toasty bread notes an intense perfume flower scent mixed with ripe fruit soaked in honey, to spicy notes and full, but light feeling than actually results in pure happiness.

Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea

From chocolate and toasty sweet bread to spices and ripe fruits soaked in honey, but with a floral fresh lightness always on the top, Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush white tea is the white tea I want to drink forever and ever and ever.