Buumbwe Handmade Treasure is a Malawi black tea that certainly deserves all the attention of tea lovers in search of unique teas from around the world. With fresh sweet fruit notes, sunny tropical feeling and rich soul, this tea is a true treasure among Malawi teas and further.

Name: #417 Buumbwe Handmade Treasure
Tea Vendor: Satemwa Tea & Coffee Estate (Malawi)
Producer: Satemwa Tea & Coffee Estate (Malawi)
Type: Malawi black tea

Malawi black tea Buumbwe Handmade Treasure

I owe deepest apology for not reviewing all the samples from Satemwa sooner. This happens sometimes when I receive truly unique teas – I get scared of trying them, postponing the moment until circumstances are perfect. I am trying to get rid of this habit as circumstances are always perfect for trying unique rare teas. Buumbwe Handmade Treasure Malawi black tea was in my „always postponing“ category.

Treasure in a Bag

This Malawi black tea looks quite different from all those generic African teas we are used to drinking. Leaves are quite big and dark with quite big stalks (even up to 2 cm). Color perfectly suits the country of origin – dark brown-greyish-red. This tea is lightly oxidized. I love how tea is always containing all the elements of terroir, you just need to open your eyes and train your tastebuds. This is one more thing that makes tea stand out – drinking tea offers sightseeing in a cup, and can literally transform you to any place in this world – of course, if it produces tea.  This tea has a sweet ripe fruit scent, but not peaches or grapes – tropical intensely sweet fruit with a sourly pinch much like passion fruit. Background is full of freshness lifting the whole scent into heavenly spheres.

Malawi black tea Buumbwe Handmade Treasure

Buumbwe Handmade Treasure black Malawi tea can be bought from different vendors and you can find the list here.

Have You Ever Had a Handmade Malawi Black Tea?

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml, 95 degrees Celsius, 1,2,4 minutes

It makes me very happy that African countries and producers started making artisan tea. Buumbwee Handmade Treasure has intense red-orange color, more bright than other black teas. After the first steep leaves reveal a whole new palette of notes – tropical fruits stuffed with honey and wrapped in banana leaf sprinkled with herbal seasoning. Which herbs? I have no clue – these scents are a completely new world for me. It feels the leaves are just getting warmed for what is yet to follow. On the other hand, tea itself is quite light with the same light herbal note lingering in your mouth.

Malawi black tea Buumbwe Handmade Treasure

Satemwa describes it as orange honey blossoms, I see it more as something even more unique and authentic. There is just a mild sweetness and a very refreshing note. Second steep gives a similar result. However, it is more intense, with more sweetness and a light astringent tail that is barely noticeable. Used up leaves are beautiful – colorful, a whole playful mix of small broken leaves and huge full leaves, buds and stalks, in brown, red and green color. This Malawi black tea would be a great choice as a breakfast tea. Besides, it goes really well with a few drops of milk.