Butter Flower Oolong is my comfort tea. I have a feeling this unique combination of creamy oolongs and irreplaceable tieguanyin was made to make everyone’s day better.

Do you know those terrible moments when nothing is working out as it should be? You woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stove is not working, you cannot make a cup of tea, you have to deal with some unexpected issues and the only thing you want to do is drink some good tea? I had a day just like that. And I knew exactly what tea I want to drink.

Butter Flower Oolong

Comforting Yourself with Butter Flower Oolong

I bet we all have a tea that can make us really happy. Butter Flower Oolong is one of those teas for me. This tea gives me a special warm feeling. Maybe because I am a big fan of (natural) creamy oolongs, dan congs and tie guan yin, so a mix of all three is like a dream come true.

Name: Butter Flower Oolong
Tea Vendor: white2tea
Type: Chinese oolong tea

Butter Flower Oolong is a lightly oxidized dan cong from Guangdong province, China. Price for 50 grams of this beautiful tea is 24.50 USD.

Butter Flower Oolong

I knew I will like it. You know that feeling, when you open a new tea package and you are immediately punched in the face by strong fresh tea scent? I love those teas. And this one does exactly that. It’s creamy, floral, deep, with finely interlaced scents. Leaves are lightly oxidized, dark olive-green color.

A Sweet Brew

How sweet can a tea be? Try putting leaves of Butter Flower Oolong into a warmed teapot and you might get the idea. Leaves have a super creamy warm sweet floral scent. I used a small gaiwan, 15 seconds for the first steep, and water of around 95 degrees. What I got was amazing – quite thick (although not like jin xuan), with sweet and full taste that feels light on the tongue first, but gets very full and sweet after. It’s very consistent and well-balanced in all steepings. The good part is (like from all good dan cong tea) is that you can get at least 7-8 very good cups from it.

Butter Flower Oolong

This tea is a perfect choice for all green tie guan yin lovers, jin xuan lovers and dan cong lovers. Actually, this tea is a perfect choice for everyone. It will make your day.

Butter Flower Oolong