Blissful Harmony is a truly unique and perfectly balanced white and black tea blend from Sri Lanka with beautifully wild looking tea leaves and contrasts that blend into a perfect harmony.

Name: Blissful Harmony
Tea Vendor: Teakruthi (Sri Lanka)
Type: Sri Lankan white and black tea blend

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White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony

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I do not remember ever trying a more delightful blend of two or more tea types. So, I fell in love at first sight. This blend looks like a wild mess of huge white tea buds and leaves and uniformed small black tea that, somehow, fit together perfectly.

White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony

Blissful Harmony – a blissful white and black tea blend

Blending two or more tea types is definitely not a new trend. However, blending white and black tea from Sri Lanka is definitely not that common. Sri Lanka is famous for its black teas, and white teas as still quite rare, although more and more present in numerous shops. This blend contains low grown teas from altitudes of 0 to 600 meters, from Ruhuna region. Although white tea in this blend is said to be Silver Needle, it does contain a lot of leaves and is much closer to Bai Mu Dan than a pure Silver Needle. However, there are a lot of silvery buds. Leaves are huge, look like a big mess, but a really beautiful mess nevertheless. On the other hand, black tea in this blend is tiny, uniformed, matte black. They look much nicer than on any photo I could take.

White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony

Dry leaves have a beautiful scent with deep honey and ripe fruit notes, airy floral veil and light smokey background. This sweetness gets super intense in the heated teapot. The only thing I find difficult with this tea is getting the right ration of white and black tea into your teapot. You really need to be careful as the small black tea leaves are almost all on the bottom of the bag. Price is $22.95 for 95 grams.

White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony

Harmony in Water

Brewing: 2.5 grams, 150 ml, 90 degrees Celsius, 3, 6 min

This is a very interesting blend to brew. I found 3 minutes to be perfect for the first infusion. Color is deep cooper red, and the scent of tea is quite strong and very pleasant. It’s a mix of fruity and fresh hay notes, a dash of flowers and sweetness, light and refreshing. One five minutes steep would suit this blend a bit better, but it gives nice results with two 3 and 6 minutes infusing (and even one more, 10 min). This is one of those teas where you can actually watch how the leaves are being drained of all color and flavor. Quite interesting in my opinion. This tea goes very well with a few drops of milk.

White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony

White and black tea blend Blissful Harmony is a very nice blend for relaxing and refreshing. It’s perfect for any time of the day.