Bai Ji Guan oolong tea from Wuyi or White Cockscomb is a tea grown on legend with a very interesting flavor profile – baked caramel with deep and warming feeling, but light flavor.

Name: Bai Ji Guan oolong tea
Tea Vendor: PekoeTea Edinburgh (UK)
Type: Chinese oolong tea

Bai Ji Guan oolong teaThe last sample I got from PekoeTea Edinburgh is a Wuyi oolong tea, quite different from other Wuyi teas. PekoeTea Edinburg is a great Scottish tea shop with quite interesting tea assortment – some of the teas from their offer are very difficult to find in other European tea shops. Bai Ji Guan is one of them.

Bai Ji Guan oolong tea

What is Bai Ji Guan oolong tea?

Bai Ji Guan oolong tea (白鸡冠) is a Wuyi oolong, less oxidized than most of other Wuyi oolong teas. The legend says this tea sprouted from the spot where a monk buried a white rooster after giving his life in order to save monk’s child from an eagle. Almost all of Wuyi teas have a legend behind their names, which makes them even more interesting and unique.

Bai Ji Guan oolong tea

Leaves are big and brown-yellowish-grey. This one is a bit on the darker side. The scent of dry leaves in the bag is very nice, a mix of baked notes and caramel. It is quite deep and warming. Even better, maybe it could be described as the mix of traditional tie guan yin, Japanese hojicha and baked Taiwanese oolongs. Price is 19 GBP for 25 grams.

White Cockscomb in a Pot

Leaves in a heated teapot reveal a few more notes – they have a deep sugary background with very light tobacco and toffee top notes and some nuttiness. There is a deep freshness emerging from the bottom, mixed with cool notes. Flavor is light, a bit citric and sweet and color is bright yellowish brown. It creates a light tingly sensation. All these notes are quite balanced, neither of them is standing out.

Bai Ji Guan oolong tea

I would say this is more of a dessert tea than everyday option. This is more due to the price than flavor, which could be enjoyed at any time of the day. I find this tea to be very adaptive to different occasions.

Bai Ji Guan oolong tea



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