Do you feel pressure to be deeply in love? We used the opportunity to talk about love and make you feel like you need to be in love too. But, to be seriously in love with tea. From flavoured real teas to pure leaf, love cannot be avoided even in the tea world. Check out our selection of 50 love inspired teas. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, some of these teas you will love for sure.

So, let’s start with love inspired teas. Psssst… Feel free to click the links in the story and find the whole list of Love Inspired Teas with ingredients, prices and tea shops below.

It All Started Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young red-haired maiden with a Maiden Dream of True Love. She could have been called a Femme Fatale, but she was too traditional and innocent, not a wild „Pick Me Up“ type or „let’s try the whole Kama Sutra“ over Skype. She was waiting for her Prince Charming, someone she could write long and endless Love Letters to, someone to exchange L’Amour with and that will tell her every day „I’m Dreaming of You“. She was seriously In the Mood for Love,  gentle, affectionate Love, and she knew it will arrive.

Waiting in a Good Hope

She was waiting in a Good Hope, but the day didn’t approach, so she decided to find herself a witch or a life coach. She flipped the coin, and the witch it was, so she went and asked her to make a Love Potion to put her loneliness on pause. Potion that would make her Prince Charming appear at her doorstep and say „I’m Nuts About You, I want to ask for your hand, if I may“. The witch was very helpful as only a witch can be, and decided to make her a Lovers Tea. She told the maiden to do the Dance of Love, then sit under the Love Tree and patiently wait because he will be there in a matter of days, her long awaited soul mate.

Maiden felt that this summer will finally be the Summer of Love. As she was sitting next to the Romantic Ocean waiting, she was picturing her prince in the romantic world she has been creating.

And Then it Happened

The Prince appeared, and while banging his hands against his chest, he said: Are you ready for an Evening with Eros?, while cheerfully nodding his head. Maiden was confused. „Is this the Sweet Love  I was expecting?“ she thought. But he came on a horse and there was no doubt. She ran up to him with her arms wide open and shout „Call me Your Sweetheart!, I’m Head Over Heels, please take my heart!“ „Come to Bed Red“, he said, just like that, no sweet words of wooing, this was all she could get. „What can be Better Than Sex?“, he said with a wide smile, let’s go to my palace, it’s only one mile. He put her on his horse and drove back to his shed, slamming the door and shouted, „Lights Out!, Let’s go to bed.“

Love Spell Actually Worked

Time went by and they were getting on well, obviously witch did a good Love Spell. Everything was fine, they were madly in love, she finally had someone for whom to say „he’s mine“. This love was different from the love one would expect, but she waited long, that was the fact she couldn’t neglect. Until one day she saw a Love Bite on his neck, and realized that her Ratbag Boyfriend cheated on her, what the heck?!. He said, „What could have I done, she had a Hot Soul and a sweet voice. Kiss Me on my Tulips, she said, so we made a lot of noise.“ Leave me Alone!“ the maiden said, kicking him out of their humble shed.

The Big Return

And then on Valentine’s Day, her Old Love appeared again. With a remorseful look in his eyes and a tear down his cheek, “The Moon Represents my Heart, Love me, please”, he said and she agreed. She still wanted to give him 1000 Kisses, even though she never became his misses. After all Passion was still there, he was her Prince Charming, with her life she could swear. She sat in her Lover’s Leap and said, let me make you Valentines Breakfast, let’s not rush with decisions until we are well fed.

Old Love

Old Love – Confet-Tea

The Essence of Love

With a whisk in her hand and omelette on a plate, she rushed to serve him food, A Labour of Love, and realized she is in a very forgiving mood. After all, what is Love, if not forgiving the ones you were given from above. She gave him a French Kiss, then rushed back to kitchen, after a good cup of tea, everyone will submiss. She put on a kettle and took some Wedding Blend leaf, the best Lovers Tea, now more than ever she needed a strong belief.

She said „I can hear the Wedding Bells, and if you agree, become my beloved husband, I want it to be only you and me. They rushed to make preparations for a Grand Wedding and Honeymoon of their dream, while her eyes were full of gleam. If you do it again to me, I will still say „Marry Me Again, but I hope this time my rules you will obey“. Who can blame her, after all she was only a Woman in Love and he was her true, only and First Love.

French Kiss

French Kiss – Brewing Leaf

Love Inspired Teas List as They Appeared Above

Once Upon a Time – Adagio Teas (USA), $12, 3 oz.
Ingredients: black tea, lavender flowers, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor & natural creme flavor

Maiden Dream – Mei Leaf (UK), £14.50, 40 grams
Ingredients: pure oolong tea, Xiping Chuan Tong Tie Guan Yin

True Love – Sans & Sans (Spain), €5.20, 100 grams (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)
Ingredients: black tea, peach and strawberry with sugar hearts

Femme Fatale – Brewing Leaf (UK), £3.30, 50 grams
Ingredients: sencha green tea, lemon grass, cherries, pineapple, jasmine, aromatic flavour

Pick Me Up – The Tea Emporium (Canada), $7.05, 50 grams
Ingredients: yerba mate, almonds, cinnamon, raspberries, blueberries, hibiscus, rosehip, beets, strawberries

Kama Sutra – Apollo Tea House (USA), $12, 4oz
Ingredients: Indian and Kenyan black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black + white pepper, jasmine + rose + lavender petals, clove, nutmeg

Prince Charming – Savoy Tea Company (USA), $12, 3oz
Ingredients: dried apple pieces, rose hips, orange Peel, freeze-dried cherries, blue cornflower, natural & artificial flavoring

Love Letters – Simpsons Tea (UK), £6, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea, apples, gojiberries and candy alphabet letters

L’Amour – Brewing Leaf (UK), £3.60, 50 grams
Ingredients: pu erh tea, lemon balm, linden, grapefruit, aromatic flavour

Dreaming of You – Simpsons Tea (UK), £12.95, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea, yellow roses, sunflowers, marigolds, glitter and golden sprinkles

In the Mood for Love – Paper & Tea (Germany), €8, 50 grams
Ingredients: Fujian green tea with jasmine

Love – Mountain Rose Herbs (USA), currently out of stock
Ingredients: organic rose petals, organic damiana leaf, organic orange peel, organic cacao nibs roasted, organic cinnamon chips, organic vanilla beans.

Good Hope  TWG Tea (Singapore), $8.25, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea from Asia and South Africa

Love Potion – Monarch Tea Co. (Canada), $10
Ingredients: rooibos, dried orange, red peppercorn, chilli pepper, natural flavours

Nuts About You – Bluebird Tea Co. (UK), £5.20, £50 grams
Ingredients: rooibos, almond, cinnamon

Lovers Tea – Tay Tea (USA), $18, 4oz.
Ingredients: wild-crafted Persian saffron, rose petals, hibiscus and marigold petals, red rooibos tea

Dance of Love – Brewing Leaf (UK), £3.10, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea OP, sugar’s hearts, jasmine, strawberry, aromatic flavour

Love TreeBrewing Leaf (UK), £3.20, 50 grams
Ingredients: hibiscus, raisins, elder, rosehip zest, raspberry, knapweed, aromatic flavour

Summer of Love Pekoe Sip House (USA), $10, 2 oz.
Ingredients: pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), mango cubes (mango, sugar), apple pieces, fennel, melissa leaves, silver linden blossoms, rose buds, safflower, flavoring, marigold blossoms, orange blossoms.

Romantic Ocean – Montea Cristo (Australia), $6.50, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea, caramel & vanilla pieces, cornflowers & calendula

Evening with Eros – Banff Tea Co. (Canada), $7.5, 50 grams
Ingredients: Rooibos, calendula petals, rose petals, cinnamon, chocolate chips, hibiscus, elderberries, raisins and  natural flavours.

Sweet Love – Kusmi Tea (UK), £17.10, 125 grams
Ingredients: black tea, cardamom, liquorice root, cinnamon, aniseed, clove buds, pink pepper, guarana seeds, flavourings

Call me Your Sweetheart – Winsome Tea Co. (USA), $8.50, 2 oz.
Ingredients: luxury oolong tea, luxury black tea, luxury green tea, jasmine petals, natural dried orange, natural flavors.

Head Over Heels – Confet-Tea (UK), £3.15, 30 grams
Ingredients:  apple pieces, aniseed, sage blossoms, silver linden blossoms, rosemary leaves, pink cornflower blossoms, white cornflower blossoms.

Come to Bed Red – Teapot Teas (Australia), $15
Ingredients: damiana, cardamom, withania, gingko, siberian ginseng, cinnamon, rosehip, rosella & hawthorn berry

Better Than Sex – Tay Tea (USA), $16, 4 oz.
Ingredients: rooibos, bits of Belgian dark chocolate, peppermint

Lights Out – Tea Lab (UK), £7.50, 85 grams
Ingredients: organic ginger, lemon

Love Spell – Healthy Be-Attitudes (USA) $11, 2 oz.
Ingredients: roses, cocoa, vanilla beans, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cayenne,  panax ginseng, maca root, damiana, yohimbe, stevia

Love Bite – MORTARandPETAL (USA), $11.19, 2 oz.
Ingredients: black tea, raspberries

Ratbag Boyfriend – West End Tea Co. (Australia), $34.49, 100 grams
Ingredients: organic black tea, organic orange peel, organic apple pieces, organic hibiscus petals, organic blackcurrants

Hot Soul – Tea Lab (UK), £8.50, 65 grams (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)
Ingredients: green tea, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, natural flavouring, redcurrant, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, elderberry, mango

Kiss Me on my Tulips – Teapot Teas (Australia), $15
Ingredients: damiana, chaste tree, wild yam, withania, siberian ginseng, cinnamon & rose petals

Leave me Alone! – Adagio Teas (USA), $12, 3 oz.
Ingredients: cinnamon, spiced mate, pu erh, ginger

Old Love – Confet-Tea (UK) £3.96, 60 grams
Ingredients:  sultanas, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, flavouring, freeze-dried whole blackberries, freeze-dried whole raspberries, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, blackberry leaves, blueberries, blackcurrants.

The Moon Represents my Heart  – ETTE Tea (Singapore), S$18, 50 grams
Ingredients: milk oolong, coconut bits, forget-me-not blossoms, lotus stamen & bergamot

Love me – TWG Tea (Singapore), $9.25, 50 grams
Ingredients: fine green tea, lime blossoms, verbena

1000 Kisses – Simpsons Tea (UK), £6, 50 grams
Ingredients:  FTGFOP1 “Mokalbari East” Assam Tea, red candy lips.

Passion – Jeeves & Jericho (UK), £5.80, 100 grams
Ingredients: rooibos, apple pieces, orange peel, ginger root, tulsi herb, pink pepper corns, grated coconut, cardamom, black pepper, strawberry pieces, chilli pieces.

Lover’s Leap – Say Tea (Canada), $5.50, 55 grams
Ingredients: Lover’s Leap Tea Estate, western Sri Lanka, OP black tea

Valentines Breakfast – TWG Tea (Singapore), $13, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea, ripe fruits, silver pearls

A Labour of Love – The Botanica Tea Co. (Australia), $15, 50 grams (Update: this tea is no longer available, October 2018)
Ingredients: 100% organic raspberry leaf

LovePukka (UK), £1.99, 20 bags
Ingredients: chamomile, elderflower, lavender, limeflower, licorice, marigold

French Kiss – Brewing Leaf (UK), £3.50, 50 grams
Ingredients: gunpowder green tea, cherries, aloe, safflower, aromatic flavour

French Kiss

French Kiss – Brewing Leaf

Wedding Blend – Murchie’s (USA), $5.50, 2 oz.
Ingredients: black tea, green tea, rose petals, blue cornflower petals, natural and artificial flavouring

Lovers Tea – Butterworth and Son (UK) £6.50, 85 grams (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)
Ingredients: rooibos tea, chocolate chips, orange peels, flavouring, orange blossom 

Wedding Bells – Say Tea (Canada) $4.95, 55 grams
Ingredients: rose congou

Grand Wedding – QualiTea Time (Belgium), €5.95, 50 grams
Ingredients: black tea, mango, lemonbalm

Honeymoon – Winsome Tea Co, (USA), $12, 2 oz.
Ingredients: japan sencha green tea, hibiscus, osmanthus flowers

Marry Me Again – Tay Tea (USA), $16, 3.5 oz.
Ingredients: premium ceylon black tea, violets, lavender, cornflower petals.

Woman in Love – Brewing Leaf (UK), £4.40, 50 grams
Ingredients: pai mu tan white tea, white dragon white tea, redcurrant, lavender, sunflower, aromatic flavour

First Love – Yunomi (Japan), sold out for the year (Update: tea no longer available, October 2018)
Ingredients: pure organic Japanese oolong tea from Shizuoka from Tarui Tea Farm

First Love Oolong

First Love Oolong – Yunomi

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And, that’s the end of the Love Inspired Teas list. Without any doubt, there is something for every tea love in the world – from unique pure loose leaf teas to herbal and fruit teas, love cannot be avoided.

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