This winter tea world is getting richer for four new unique tea shops. Winter has kicked in again, and since most of us will probably spend much more time under the warm blanket, it’s the right time to give an overview of the new and unique tea shops opening this season.

New Unique Tea Shops

We have made a list of the most interesting new unique tea shops that will open its (virtual) doors this winter. These unique tea shops share a few common things – all have a huge passion for tea, an amazing offer and kind and friendly approach. We were lucky enough to already try some of them and we bet you will love them the same as we did.

Check their sites and subscribe to the grand opening newsletters – they all have a different concept, offer incredible teas and will undoubtedly find their place in tea world. Let’s start with our choice of 4 new unique tea shops that will offer you joy and amazing teas this winter.

Tea Stories by Kelsey (U.S.A)

We noticed Kelsey a few months ago. Kelsey has a beautiful profile on Instagram and we had a feeling that this shop will be amazing. And this is exactly what Tea Stories are focusing on – tea feelings: „tea stories is about connections. It’s about taking time to slow down and relax- even if only for even a few moments – and connecting to the land, to people and to cultures with each cup.“ We are looking forward to seeing more teas being added to the assortment, and by the looks of it, they will be full of qi.

Expected opening time: Just opened
Web site: Tea Stories

Material Matcha Uji (Japan)

Material Matcha Uji is a new definition of matcha – with the most unique branding that matcha has ever seen in the West and huge passion and determination to offer the best products. They have already made a huge impact on tea lovers across the world. They say that green is the new gold, and based on the effort and passion put into creating their offer, they are more than right. Tea drinkers recognised this already. Their Kickstarter campaign was extremely successful and we are impatient to see how their unique story will develop.

Expected opening time: Just opened
Web site: Material Matcha Uji

Milana Tea (Canada)

Milana Tea is a new Canadian tea brand focusing on pure, organic, unflavoured, blended teas. By blending they mean mixing nature to create the perfect balance of flavours and scents, while offering a complete wellness for the body and mind. Their teas are unique and carefully sourced, with inspiration found in nature and tradition. Their unique blends of herbs and real teas have focus on both flavours and natural health benefits, with absolutely no artificial or natural flavourings, chemicals, GMOs or any other substances that don’t belong in your cup of tea.

Expected opening time: December 2017
Web site: Milana Tea

Tea Repertoire London (UK)

Tea Repertoire London is a new London based online tea shop. This shop will be offering teas from some of the best tea plantations around the world. Their mission is to bring flavours of culture to your tea moments and offer masterfully crafted teas. Tea Repertoire London is very serious about tea. They have the knowledge, they have the passion, and they have a great selection of teas. Tea Repertoire London is on a mission to bring art into your life in the form of tea leaves. Their assortment is worth admiring, with some of the most unique and not easily accessible teas.

Expected opening time: December 2017
Web site: Tea Repertoire

Subscribe to their newsletters, follow their beautiful accounts on social media and support their passion. We hope you will step into the 2018 with some amazing new teas.