2015 Pin raw pu’er is the most wonderful way to get in love with raw pu’er. 2015 Pin is a tea for having fun, to enjoy, to look at and to appreciate.

Have you ever wanted to try raw (sheng) pu’er but didn’t have enough money to afford a good quality or aged tea? Maybe you bought a few of them on eBay and decided that pu’er is not your cup of tea. Well, it wouldn’t be mine either if I drink pu’er from just any source. That’s why we have white2tea. This tea shop is just amazing (no, no one is paying me for the reviews), and every single tea I’ve tried was great.

2015 Pin Raw Pu'er

2015 Pin raw pu'erName: 2015 Pin
Tea Vendor: white2tea (China)
Type: Chinese raw pu’er

2015 Pin Raw Pu’er Mess

I liked this tea immediately. It’s lively, messy, big and colorful. What is there not to be liked? Leaves and buds look quite loosely pressed, from silver to dark green and brown in color. It’s a tea for having fun. I want to remove one leaf at a time, to decompress it and look at every leaf separately. This fun little cake (200 grams) was made from Lincang maocha collected in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and has been stored in Menghai before pressing. Price is 65 USD for 200 grams cake or 8.60 USD for a 25 grams sample.

Dry leaves are super fresh, woodsy and smokey, like a young dry tobacco taking a stroll through fresh early summer evening fields, picking flowers on the way. Like it a lot. Seems very friendly and playful.

2015 Pin raw pu'er

Testing, tasting

Brewing: 5 grams, 150 ml, 20 seconds +, 95 degrees

When you like the leaves when they are dry, they rarely disappoint you wet. And how good it gets after washing! Super sweet fruity deepness with tobacco soul. It just gets deeper and sweeter after every steep. It has a bit of sharpness, but an airy delicate sharpness that already has a bit of a blurry line.

I love this youngster. It has an ocker pinkish bright light color and incredible playfulness. Very light and perfect choice for a daytime raw pu’er. 2015 Pin raw pu’er has a very nice sweet and long aftertaste. From the third and fourth steep it gets more thickness and depth, and a very very sweet aftertaste. Same leaves can offer at least 8-10 good infusions. This tea is already super nice, and I would love to see it in a couple of years.

2015 Pin raw pu'er