There is one more tea on my all times favorite flavored pu’er list – 1001 Pistachios Pu’er. A must for all flavored tea lovers.

Sometimes when I think about my whole 15 years old tea journey, I see my opinions changed a lot. I used to despise flavored teas, and nudged everyone to stop drinking them and try something unflavored instead. Now, 15 years later, I don’t do that anymore. The reason lies in one simple fact I got the chance to try extremely well flavored teas that don’t lack quality or freshness. And flavors as so well-balanced that you just have to love them. I wasn’t that lucky in the beginning, as being in a small country doesn’t offer much opportunities to try good teas, and what we have here is usually beyond any decency stale, old, low quality, over flavored (except from few rare examples).

1001 Pistachios Pu'er

Name: 1001 Pistachios Pu’erh
Tea Vendor: Confet-Tea (UK)
Tea Type: flavored pu’er

So, why did I fell in love with 1001 Pistachios Pu’er?

1001 Pistachios Pu'erThis is not the first tea from Confet-tea that I really like. I still haven’t tried all of them, but every single one left a beautiful impression on me. 1001 Pistachios Pu’er is so beautifully flavored, well-balanced, warm, inviting, soothing, putting an accent on scent without killing the flavor of pu’er. Scent is  beautifully balanced. I couldn’t take my nose out of the pouch. Literally. Warm and full pistachios smell mixed with earthy mild pu’er notes, and delicate rose in the background. Visually, it’s very inviting. Whole pistachios, and dried long intense rose petals with dark brown pu’er. The scent gets even deeper in a warmed teapot, caramel, nutty, warm and earthy. Rose is here only for the final touch. Price is 5.99 GBP for 70 grams. Available n 30, 70 and 200 grams pouches.


3 minutes, 40 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 7 grams of tea, 150 ml of water. Why this strange pattern? Well, I always like to follow instructions when writing a review. This are following the western style brewing, which is much more suitable for flavored teas than multiple steeping method. However, this tea can offer much more than a western method can give. The long first steeping results in a very strong tea, very earthy and full, but mild at the same time, leaving a full deep feeling in the mouth. Following steepings of 40 second, 2 and 3 minutes give similar result. Even though it’s much weaker, it’s amazing how consistent this tea is – in scent and flavor.

1001 Pistachios Pu'er

What I especially like about this tea is that there are no fishy bad notes usually present in flavored pu’ers. This pu’er is quite mild, but still very enjoyable, and perfect for flavoring. In one sentence, I would say 1001 Pistachios is sophisticated, yet warm and playful. Perfect as an every-day pu’er for those who like a bit of aroma, while enjoying the taste of ripe pu’er.

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