Specialized tea-related services

Specialized tea services on Tea Chronicles are new writing and photographic services aimed at tea shop owners, magazines that want to include tea articles in their content, companies interested in unique team-buildings with tea and everyone interested in tea content – both textual and photographic.

Specialized tea services on Tea ChroniclesIt’s time to tell you what I’ve been doing for the last twelve months. This blog has been active for five years, and without my dear readers it would never come to this point. Tea is my biggest love and passion for more than ten years. About a year ago there was an article about me published in one magazine, with an interesting headline – Iva drinks up to 30 cups of tea per day. Not many things make me happier than tea (and literature, sun, summer, chocolate, good people, sand and few other little things). Hundreds (even thousands9 of teas per year, huge private collection of tea ware, constant stash of at least 300 different teas, numerous tea books, continuous communication with tea specialist around the world and numerous collaborations with my dear tea shops are only a part of my everyday life.

Specialized tea services on Tea Chronicles

I didn’t post many articles or reviews lately, but I have been writing about tea more than ever – for others. After many tea events, topics, tea advice and tea parties, I finally have the opportunity to offer specialized professional tea related services.

I specialize in tea:
– articles
– newsletters
– naming
– descriptions
– photography
– consultancy
– reviews
– market research
– tag lines
– web content
– events
– brewing guides

Specialized tea-related services

If you are a tea vendor, thinking of starting your tea business or just need a bit of a creative touch to lighten your tea web shop, if you need tea photographs or articles for your magazine, blog or shop, or want to offer tea eBooks, brochures or brewing guides to your customers, take a look at what I can do for you.

Specialized tea services




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