Mei Leaf tea shop

Mei Leaf is a London based tea shop and tea house specialized in Chinese and Japanese teas with personality, affordable price and high-end flavour.

Although Mei Leaf was open back in 2006, it wasn’t before 2015 that I found out about them. Coming from a very small city and country where tea is not that important or popular, and discovering amazing tea shops around the world made running my blog even more exciting and challenging.

Over this 6 years of running Tea Chronicles and almost 10 years before starting a blog, but relentlessly exploring the tea market and offer, I learned how to recognise a great tea shop at the first sight. And Mei Leaf is one of those shops.

About Mei Leaf Teas

Mei Leaf offers more than 100 different teas and tisanes, mostly from China and Japan. What makes them different is the passion and determination to offer affordable authentic teas with high-end flavour, always fresh, always interesting, and always carefully sourced, but also mixing a bit of health benefits and Chinese medicine into the whole story. However, completely unobtrusive. Mei Leaf is all about facts – fact about tea types, facts about processing, facts about flavours, fact about brewing. They say „Nobody deserves a bad tea“, and they truly believe that.

Mei Leaf tea shop

They have a huge tea ware and tea accessories assortment as well, and special limited tea gifts and tea tasting sets. All teas are available in sample package as well, which is always a good thing – taste before you try. However, with Mei Leaf, you will without any doubt want to buy even more. They tend to offer pre qing ming teas, which is mostly rare in EU tea shops.

Teas that are especially worth mentioning are tie guan yin teas (Sip Spring, 25 Year Old TGY, Baked Goods, Maiden Dream and others), and teas that are not easy to find in Europe as Tie Luo Han, Ya Shi Oolong, and others. The whole assortment is quite amazing and unique. They also have a lot of different pu’er teas and Chinese herbs.

YouTube Tea Stars

Mei Leaf has a YouTube channel with over 23  000 subscribers. They deserved that number with very interesting tea videos that are amusing, fun and educational. Mei Leaf is far from boring – their approach is unique and creative. With a huge dose of friendliness, knowledge, deep passion for tea and care for tea lovers, watching their videos will make you feel fully absorbed into their world.

You can visit the site here: Mei Leaf

Explore their offer and if you find a tea you especially like, let me know. I would love to hear your opinion.

Mei Leaf tea shop


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