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Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea is Taiwanese gao shan tea from a specialized gao shan tea vendor Teamountains, with heavy full leaves and balanced olive green color, from the last harvest before winter. 

Name: Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong
Tea vendor: Teamountains (Taiwan)
Type: Taiwanese oolong tea

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea – introduction

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea (Chinese: 東眼山冬霜高山烏龍茶, pinyin: dong1yan3shan1 dong1shuang1 gao1shan1 wu1long2cha2) is another great gao shan tea from wide and beautiful assortment of gao shan teas from specialized Taiwanese tea vendor Teamountains. It comes from Nantou, Nan Fung Village and grows at the altitude between 1500 and 1700 meters.

Name of this tea is really interesting, dong shuang, which means winter frost. The name of the mountain Dongyan is interesting as well – it can be translated as Eastern Eye

Price is 28.5 USD for 50 grams. Leaves were picked just before the winter. I have to admit that I liked Chun-Lan version a little bit better (spring harvest and from lower altitude), although, this tea is far from average. It’s maybe better to say, that among all those little gao shan perfections, I have found my favorite ones.

Dry leaves are bright olive green, uniform in color, but not so uniform in size. Some of the semi-balls are super small, some are super big. They have a sweet lightly toasted flowery and fresh fragrance. Out of all Teamountain’s gao shan teas I have tried, this one has the most toasty-like scent, but still very very light.

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea


150ml of water, bottom covered with leaves, washing, then 30, 45, 60, 120 and 180 seconds steepings. After the washing leaves have an incredible deep flowery, toasted fragrance with hints of green. First steeping results in a liquor that is bright greenish-yellow, which turns into golden-yellow for the second steeping. It’s very bright and clean. Leaves are opening up equally, which always attracts in a tea. Scent of freshly baked bread and flowery fragrance are combined in a beautiful union of divine scent. Taste is full, but clean, a little creamy. Less sleek than jin xuan teas and a lot fuller than most of flowery gao shan teas. It does fall somewhere in between. There is not even a single trace of bitterness. After the second steeping they get an incredible fragrance, almost perfume-like, very sweet and flowery. Taste is more lighter than the scent itself, but full and rounded. If the price wasn’t a matter, I would say this tea could be an excellent everyday winter oolong.

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea

What really impressed me is the size of opened-up leaves, which are incredibly big. Some reach the length of more than five centimeters, and those on branches go up to ten.

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea

This tea, just as any other high quality gao shan tea, leaves and incredibly sweet aftertaste. It can be brewed using a cup only, which I honestly feel it’s a shame, due to the high price and all those subtle nuances you can feel during each and every steep.

Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea

I have to admit that I liked last Dongyanshan a bit better. Nevertheless, this is a very good gao shan tea, from leaves to fragrance and taste, quality is what I care most about. Teamountains has many beautiful teas and some of them really grew close to my heart.

We had a chance to drink Dong Yan Shan Dong-Shuang oolong tea on our photo exhibition opening ceremony due to our dear tea donator Teamountains. You can find out more about Teamountains here.


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